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Should Jenise Wright's parents face neglect charges?

Jenise Wright was raped and murdered
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

A teenage boy was arrested for raping and killing six-year-old Jenise Wright, but these recent developments haven't eased the concerns of those who have followed this case. Saturday (Aug. 9) brought the arrest of an unnamed neighbor of the slain child -- which is when it was revealed that she had been raped and murdered, but the cause of death still isn't public. It's fortunate the case pretty much solved itself in a week. However, it seems that people are split down the middle as to whether or not the wheels of justice are turning properly. While some people are rejoicing in relief that the parents weren't responsible for Jenise's disappearance and death, there are numerous people who are both in and out of the community of Bremerton, Wash. that want the parents to face charges.

It's widely known that the parents of the slain child waited an entire 24 hours before they ever reported her missing. Back when she was missing it was speculated that the child may have never left her home alive last Saturday night, and it certainly didn't help when her father's criminal past went public. The high profile search for the girl attracted national media -- and with that national media coverage came national scrutiny against the Wright family. On social media and in the comment sections on published media reports, the sentiment all seems to fit a general theme: Prosecute the parents for neglect.

Some of the comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc. range from concerned and inquisitive about abuse and neglect laws, to being downright accusatory and rigid. The #JeniseWright hashtag also contains a wide range of arguments about whether or not the parents should be held accountable. Do you think the parents of this slain child should face charges stemming from her disappearance? Could the anger against them be nothing more than residual anger against Casey Anthony? She waited an entire month to report her child missing, and most people believe that she killed the little girl and hid her body (albeit sloppily). It's easy to accuse the parents of Jenise Wright of neglect since they essentially waited to report their child missing too. Had they not let the little girl wander about the trailer park freely without adult supervision, then she'd probably be alive today. She wouldn't have suffered a demise that no little six-year-old child should endure.

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