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Should Independence Day be cancelled?

Does Independence Day have any meaning, now that our top elected officials and media elites have rejected the core principles which led to the Revolution?

The patriots who bled at Lexington and Concord, froze at Valley Forge, and, against all odds, emerged victorious at Yorktown would hardly recognize what American government has become under the leadership of Barack Obama. Indeed, they would be tempted to rebel against it with the same vigor with which they ousted King George.

The heroes who fought for the “Spirit of ‘76” would be deeply angered at the power- grabbing habits of this Administration.

The British King employed an army of German mercenaries to enforce his will. President Obama has appointed an army of lawyers in the Department of Justice, accountants in the IRS, and bureaucrats in numerous other agencies (particularly the Environmental Protection Agency) to intimidate and control political opponents and citizens, through the use of illegal executive orders.

This brings to mind the fear expressed by Cotton Mather’s grandson, Mather Byles, who worried that the Revolution could replace “One tyrant three thousand miles away with 3,000 tyrants one mile away.”

The Patriots would not accept the monarchial usurpation of constitutional limits by a President who unabashedly proclaims that “I can’t wait” for Congress, despite his legal obligation to do so.

This President has had to be rebuked an unprecedented twelve times by unanimous verdicts of the United States Supreme Court. He is, therefore, a serial offender against the Constitution, and a recidivist lawbreaker.

Mr. Obama has used his surrogates to directly attack the First Amendment, seeking to cut off a broad national discussion about policy and issues. He needs to do this because both his domestic and foreign agendas run directly contrary to the American spirit, American form of government, and inherent American rights.

He has sought to limit free speech by supporting international control of, and therefore censorship of the internet. He has advocated suppressing free speech spending in political campaigns as a way of keeping his supporters in the Senate in office.

He has sought to place federal monitors in newsrooms. He feels compelled to do this because an open discussion about his extraordinary failures in every area of our national life would be disastrous for his Administration.

He has hijacked whole federal agencies, especially the IRS, and warped them into vehicles to attack political opponents. On this Independence Day week, it is not inappropriate to mention that the group most directly targeted is the Tea Party, whom this President and his lapdog media despise and fear because they advocate adhering to the Spirit of ’76 and the letter of the law expressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Similar to rulers everywhere who fear the freedom of their own citizens, Mr. Obama has repeatedly attacked the right to bear arms, guaranteed in America by the 2nd Amendment, not directly, but through the advocacy of regulations that make that right meaningless. He has expanded the federal government’s actions that invade privacy, making a mockery of the 4th amendment. Under his rule, he presumes that all powers belong to the Executive Branch unless specifically curtailed by a court, a direct contradiction of the 9th and 10th amendments.

Upon taking office, the President takes this oath: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Clearly, that oath has been violated.

The Constitution reflects the values of our revolutionary forefathers. We should honor them this Independence Day by insuring that the freedoms they fought for are not usurped.

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