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Should I stick with this job?

Given the state of the Detroit job market, most people have stayed put with their current position even if it's a job they no longer enjoy.  The opportunities to move aren't there or don't seem worth the risk.  As things recover, though, you may start to wonder if the grass is greener somewhere else.

The decision to start a job search should not be taken lightly.  Not only will you be taking a leap into the unknown, the work to get to that leap will absorb a good deal of your life and take away from your current work.  Before you post your resume you need to ask yourself some questions:

  • Is my unhappiness due to the job itself or the way I've been doing it?  When experiencing frustration at work, you should always take a step back and see if the problem is the nature of the job or due to your own actions.  Be objective about it and you may find a way to improve your lot without the move.
  • Is my new job at the same company?  Maybe this position isn't putting you on the right path but the company has another path for you.  Find someone internally you can address this with, preferably your boss.  If you can't talk to a boss, have a conversation with a colleague you trust.  They may also have some ideas for you.
  • Can my frustration be worked out internally?  This is the question you need to ask when your problems are due to personality conflicts with management or co-workers.  Like any conflict, try to get past your emotions to the heart of the conflict and find a way to work it out.  If there's a neutral party that can help you smooth it over, go to them.
  • Are my current problems short term?  When things get tough in the economy your job can turn into a pressure cooker.  In a recession, the number crunchers take over and you find yourself having to do things with less help and resources.  The attitudes of your co-workers can get more hostile.  Stress goes up and happiness goes down.  Before you bolt out the door, first make sure you're not leaving over issues that won't exist a year from now.  By sticking through the tough times you may find yourself in a better position coming out the other side of it, after others have fled.

If you've run through these questions and things still aren't right, it's time to start looking.  Just make sure you don't go through it if you don't have to.


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