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Should I continue my compost in cold weather? Winter composting pointers

Yes it is worthwhile to continue composting through the winter season. Though the decomposition process slows down, the bacteria, molds, and actinomycetes that are the active workers can survive the cold temperatures. Several things may be practiced by the vigilant composter to ensure continued production. 

First, always layer and break up greens and browns to supply more surface area and keep the balance between amounts of each. Layering is important because it provides the optimum environment for generating carbon and oxygen. Both of these elements aid the mix in proper aeriation and drainage, which are key to healthy and usuable compost.

Next, mix and turn the pile every seven to ten days and be sure to keep the bin full. Turning reactivates the matter and filling keeps it hot. Surround your bin or pile with leave-filled trash bags and cover with a tarp for quick and simple insulation.

Finally, to speed the natural decaying action pour a can of regular cola on the mix and let  the sugar and carbon do the rest. The rate of finished compost will not be as high as warmer months, but these tips will help keep the pile active all year long.