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Should homeowners association force grandma to remove anti-crime sign from yard?

homeowner's association may force a grandmother to remove an anti-crime sign from her front yard.
photo credit - guns save lives

Feeling safe in your neighborhood is one of the most basic instincts that one has and when a grandmother tried to exercise her belief she is being shown the curb. According to Guns Save Lives this wonderful older woman placed a sign in her Cary, North Carolina front lawn to inform would be criminals that they are not welcome at her house or even in her neighborhood. Anything wrong with that?

Well according to her neighborhood homeowners association there is plenty wrong with that warning gesture. They have threatened Laurie Cherico with a fine because she posted the graphic sign outside of her residence as a measure for scaring off criminal types. It seems that the sign to warn off would be burglars somehow clashed with the neighborhood’s esthetics.

The grandma did not see the harm in her effort in fact she stated, “What is a security sign supposed to do? It’s supposed to deter crime,” reported WRAL. Her goal was to make certain her grandchildren would feel safe in her neighborhood when they visited.

If you feel this is a reasonable explanation then perhaps you would like to join with her in explaining it to her neighborhood association because they either don’t seem to like the wording on the sign or the fact she didn’t ask their permission.

Cherico is not buying their stance over her security sign. As a gun owner she feels this is her security and as a legal gun owner with a conceal carry permit, this sign might actually be there for the burglar’s own protection. If a burglar saw the sign and entered her home then they will actually be entering upon their own peril, where Smith & Wesson will be waiting for them.

While she has 15 days to remove the security sign or face a $100 per day fine if the association’s panel determines that she has violated their rules, the gun packing grandmother is determined to fight this all the way, according to WRAL.

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