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Should Hayley Turner face felony charges for abduction hoax?

Hayley Turner faked her abduction and may face charges
Courtesy of Millsap family/Michigan State Police/Monroe News

Mich. teen Hayley Turner faked her abduction, which has numerous people outraged (including law enforcement officials). This Tuesday report (Aug. 12) shares that the teen could actually end up facing felony charges related to her hoaxed kidnapping -- which goes to show that authorities are not taking this incident lightly at all. The felony charge is specifically "filing a false report," which is precisely what happened when she faked her abduction. Last Thursday she lied about being kidnapped by a man with a gun, only to be found around 18 hours later in a town 40 minutes away from where she was last seen. After a brief investigation, police concluded that no abduction ever occurred.

This report indicates that Hayley Turner could be charged twice -- one felony charge for each county her case involved. The police also claim that any injuries that were on Hayley's body were "self-inflicted at best," and that she claimed her kidnappers gave her a puppy -- which she seemed to hold onto without injuring it when she jumped out of a moving vehicle (in other words this didn't happen). Like most of these stories about hoax abductions and the sort, Hayley's story crumbled quickly after investigators had interrogated her for a little bit.

However, the strange bit about all of this is that Hayley Turner will not discuss where she actually was or who who she was with during the 18 hour she was missing -- even though she confessed to police that the entire abduction story was a lie. This indicates that she stopped cooperating with police as they were trying to get to the bottom of what actually happened and why they ended up wasting thousands of tax payer dollars searching for a girl that wasn't ever missing.

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