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Should Governor Christie hire a Fiverr Virtual Assistant?

Just an hour ago, the USA Today reported that Governor Chris Christie intentionally “wreaked havoc on the lives Fort Lee citizens” by narrowing the normally 4-lane entrance to the George Washington Bridge down to a only one, snarling traffic and creating chaos for over 4 days this week. This story hit the airwaves yesterday afternoon and is being called “Bridgegate”.

Christie is not accepting blame. He is actually firing subordinates instead, even though there are significant sources being reported that he not only knew about the traffic jam, but that he spitefully ordered the lane closures to begin with. He is suspected of using his political power to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich and has been in news conferences all day long alleging that he was completely oblivious to the event…for four days.

Maybe Governor Christie needs to take a look at Fiverr. This is a freelancing website that offers a multitude of professional services starting at only $5. On Fiverr, buyers can hire a Virtual Assistant for an entire hour for only $5. They can answer your emails, write letters, or field complaints from angry citizens. They can even make phone calls to bridge administrators on your behalf.

This isn’t such a crazy idea. Just ask The Daily Beast. They just posted a report a few short hours ago on “12 Ways To Be More Productive in 5 Minutes”. Want to know what Point # 8 is?

“8. Outsource It—Send a task to your FancyHands virtual assistant to do for you and then forget about it. Or if you’re feeling creative, head over to Fiverr and pick a gig that someone will do for $5 like share your website with 250,000 twitter followers or transcribe 20 minutes of audio. Take something off your list.“

So, the next time that you find yourself (unofficially) running for President of the United States while also trying to manage a Northeastern State with the nation’s busiest bridge connecting to lower Manhattan, don’t rule out Fiverr. Even though the economy is still struggling, everyone can afford $5.

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