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Should Donald Sterling get invited to the White House?

end racism
end racism
Photo by Jonathan Alcorn

Last December 2013 celebrity rapper Snoop Dog graced the White House with a visit for a gala event honoring the winners of the Kennedy Center Honorees for 2013. He met with the president the First Lady and also John Kerry who gave him a fist pump because that's what they do. The president is a big fan of Snoopy (can I call him that?) and he was gracious to invite him.

And why shouldn't he? Just a year earlier Snoop posted on his Instagram social network page reasons why he would vote for the president and reasons why he would not vote for his challenger Mitt Romney. One of the reasons for not voting for Romney was "he's a Mormon but he ain't got no hoes" funny stuff. You know how them Mormon's are with them hoes, but Mitt, he aint got none, how can that be? So Snoop sided with the party that is in the trenches against the War on Hoes, um, (sorry) War on Women, a much needed ally.

One of the reasons for voting for Obama, Snoop said: "Michelle got a fat ass", this was reason 5. First on the list "he a black nig..." whereas number one for not voting for Romney "he a white nig...". Number 3: "that nig.. look like he can fight", and last "I seen that nig... hoop". Such an artist, isn't he? A national treasure in fact. Oh, another anti-Romney reason: "he look like he say 'nig.." all the time".

Donald Sterling has created a race holiday for liberals and as such spawned a media circus with his racist comments. We have to have a dialogue over race, it's long overdue. I don't know how such a dialogue would go but certainly we can lecture people not to be racist because racism hurts and has no place in society and racist people ought to be chastised and stripped of any legitimacy even if they're an NBA owner who votes Democrat and gives to their causes. Let's be fair about this. As to whether he should be invited to the White House for a fist pump, come on. Now we're being ridiculous.