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Should Detroit embrace Robocop?

Robocop, the fictional cyborg police officer set in a futuristic and crime plagued Detroit, will throw out the first pitch at tonight's Detroit Tigers game against the Toronto Blue Jays. His motorcycle will be on display. At some point soon, too, a Robocop statue is supposed to be placed in the city. Which leaves only one question: are we supposed to be proud of this?

Sure, it's based on fiction, and we'll even accept that it all is intended to be in good fun. But is it good fun considering Detroit's reputation? Let's face it, the city hasn't been seen as a shining light on a hill in a very long time. It has long been the butt of the nation's jokes. Indeed, it's long been the butt of jokes in outstate Michigan and certainly among the suburbs. Do Detroiters actually want to revel in a character which embraces such attitudes?

We don't think we're being sticks in the mud to ask this. Indeed, there is a subtle irony in the situation which can't help but bring a smile to one's face along with a shake of the head. Still, Detroit embracing the Robocop culture?

Something just feels wrong about it.

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