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Should Controversial Arizona ‘Sheriff Joe’ Arpaio Run For Governor?

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If you are an illegal immigrant trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States, you know better than to do it in the Arizona county of the toughest sheriff in America. And now legendary ‘Sheriff Joe’ Arpaio may be taking a close look at the governor’s office of the state, according to Fox News. Of course for many illegal alien sympathizers in Arizona and around the nation, Sheriff Arpaio’s brand of enforcement has much to be desired.

In fact, his most severe critics in Arizona and America rounded up a campaign chest in 2013 to recall him from office. It was unsuccessful because a majority of the voters in Maricopa County support his office’s tactics at keeping the residents and the communities safe and secure.

Some of his detractors include President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who have railed against the favorite sheriff of conservative organizations, including the Tea Party Nation. But Sheriff Arpaio continues to gain admirers from all corners of Arizona. The result has allowed him to announce this week he had raised an additional $3.5 million for his campaign war chest, according to Fox News.

The monetary success does tend to give the sheriff and his supporters valid reason for electoral speculation. According to Arpaio, “Every four years, my supporters encourage me to run for governor.“ In his written statement he added, “Based on these fundraising numbers and knowing I could be competitive, I will have to give it serious consideration,” reported Fox News.

The toughest sheriff in America could very well become the toughest governor in the nation should he consider the gubernatorial run. That may send shivers up the spines of all of those illegal alien supporters in Arizona and around America.

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