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Should Colorado Allow Welfare For Weed So Users Can Get High on Govt. Dime?

Are Colorado weed shops using welfare for weed?
Are Colorado weed shops using welfare for weed?
Photo Credit National Report

When the New Year arrived Colorado became the first state in the nation to officially legalize recreational marijuana use, you could literally visualize all the welfare layabouts up and down the state wondering if they can get high at the taxpayer’s expense. Many weed shops are suggesting this will not happen, reported Fox News.

But does this represent a new and slick way for welfare recipients to take advantage of their welfare Electronic Benefits Card (EBT)? While some sellers at Colorado weed shops are denying that it is occurring from their understanding, according to Fox News. The reality could be totally the opposite. Think about it, are a few weed shop owners going to divulge the truth on national television? Probably not, because the New Year opens up too much pot revenue for them to even show a hint of involvement..

There are state lawmakers who are not so taken with the less than authoritative comments offered by weed shop owners to news outlets. So, several concerned state lawmakers are crafting legislation to close what could be considered a loophole which allows welfare benefits to be cashed out and converted into Rocky Mountain High weed.

According to Colorado Watchdog, State Representative Jared Wright, R-Grand Junction, mentioned to the Associated Press his bill was meant to send a statement to weed shop owners and welfare users. He suggested that, “the state shouldn’t be enabling anyone to buy a substance that is illegal under federal law.”

Seems like an empty threat since the U.S. Attorney General has all but given states the green light to toke up when he informed the nation a few years ago that the federal government would not pursue weed cases in states. So that whole theory of the federal government looking over the shoulder of states passing weed laws is about as relevant as Eric Holder being concerned about the outcome of “Fast and Furious.”

Where does that leave the Colorado pot users who love to get high on Mary Jane while they are kicking back on welfare in this brand new year?

It leaves them with an opening as large as a Mack truck driving through it. Since according to the National Report, there are some weed shop owners who are selling weed for welfare benefits, and are not ashamed to admit it.

One weed shop owner was even sympathetic to the unfortunate plight of the pot head welfare recipient who would be deprived of his “rights” if he could not receive his marijuana according to National Report, JC Franco a weed shop owner said, “Everyone should have access to marijuana. If a user is not able to afford their buds on a limited budget then having taxpayers help cover the shortage is only fair.”

There you have it, the state of Colorado is literally going to pot and the federal government is turning a blind eye, while other states stand in line like Washington and California waiting for their bite at the marijuana apple.

You can also be certain that standing in line are many welfare recipients holding onto their EBT Cards and wetting their lips for their first free weed high, courtesy of the taxpayers.

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