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Should college athletes be compensated? Why or why not?

Taking into consideration, I've put about as much collective thought into the formulation of this article as the screenwriter did into the plot of Elysium; also keeping in mind that I haven't even actually seen the film, just heard it's terrible, as has just about everyone in America by now; and lastly, acknowledging despairingly the unavoidable fact that if I haven't written an article identical to this one, I've surely written one as desultorily similar: I bring to you my justification for paying college athletes, especially college football players...

And I bring this to you with the brevity of a Kris McKusick sports novel * Shameless plug * (Killer Bee now on sale on the Kindle site for the remarkably low price of $2.99), and the lack of foresight of a Jerry Kill offensive game plan.

College athletes should be compensated in some form due to the fact that they are not only students, they are 'entertainers'. In fact for most college football players at Division I universities, the entertainment aspect of their scholarship comes first, education second - if at all! They are on campus, first and foremost, to sell tickets on Saturdays. And if a devastating injury were to befall them on that pristine autumn afternoon (or evening)); in a 100, 000 spectator capacity stadium; not to mention, before the provisional nationwide mass viewing audience of millions; the bigger tragedy, obviously, concerns the loss of that potential NFL paycheck and the right to live out the principal dream of earning a living on Sundays - Bachelor degree be damned. Well, that's not entirely true, of course. But you know as well as I do that it remains as much of a 'Fact of Life' as Kim Fields (Tootie) was as that show's lone black (fe)male cast member in the preponderance of cases...not to hint at racism - I would never do that; after all, this is coming from the same guy who wrote Killer Bee * Second shameless plug *.

If memory serves me right Adrian Peterson tore up his knee at Oklahoma - or broke his foot...I'm not good at remembering injury specifics. But you know what I'm suggesting all the same. Not every college football player possesses the remarkable individual talents of an AD; nor do they bring forth the intellectual capacity of even attaining an AD (Associates Degree) in the classroom. Therefore, you may argue against the hypocrisy of attributing a designated dollar amount to their place on a college campus; I'm fine with that logic, actually. But you can't deny the ultimate entertainment value to have been flushed down the toilet had that initial devastating injury been the end of the road for AD. Instead of talking loss of a Heisman, which did unfortunately occur that season, we'd be unremittingly hearkening back to that incident as the loss of, potentially, the greatest NFL career of any running back ever - that Bachelor degree suddenly doesn't seem so important, does it?

I'm not going to lie to you. I haven't a clue what Adrian Peterson majored in while in college nor do I care. I think it was law enforcement. You'll have to correct me if I'm wrong. But the only time that's going to have any impact on my life is if I get pulled over by him for speeding one day - in all honesty, I'm a relatively law abiding citizen. That's not what truly matters, though, when all is said and done. What matters is that our precedence as sports fans comes before all else. And we're lying if we suggest otherwise; just like I obviously was when I equated the length of this article with the length of my novel Killer Bee * Third and final shameless plug * (on sale on, for substantiation buy a Kindle and see for yourself.

Thank you for reading all of my haughty, self-indulgent articles and self-published material...

And good night!

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