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Should Christopher Williams Join the Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Should Christopher Williams Join the Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta?
Should Christopher Williams Join the Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta?

So I guess these days Bravo is now "Vetting" couples before they officially choose them to work on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kinda like what they did with Marlo(not choosing her was a mistake by the way Andy).

...I suppose that makes sense because it's honestly the menfolk(husbands would be a very liberal term for this bunch) and Kenya Moore are who have been keeping the show somewhat interesting. And of course Mama Joyce who turns up for coins. However, I am going to speak freely and say that I really dont like either one of the two couples. Let's unbox them.

Chuck and Mynique Smith

First there are Chuck and Mynique(why does she spell her name like that tho?) Smith. Chuck is extra trife...he called both Phaedra and Kandi "members of his team." I guess like his groupie-sex team. Really tho? I don't even remember this former NFL player Chuck Smith being so popular that somebody like Kandi Burris would want to be on his team. And Phaedra seems a bit too choosy to be dropping panties like a groupie for a basic local athlete. I mean look at the imbosol that he ended up with.

Chuck gave house keys to Kandi and bought her Mama gifts. Is that toss-up treatment these days? He is trying to get some steady income into his home, and the real peach is Chuck Hunty! and thank you. Please keep bland a** Mynique off of this show.

Christopher "Meth" Williams and Natalie

Then we have Christopher Williams and his gossiping a** wife or common law husband wife...or whatever she is. Barking up the Kandi Burris and Todd tree was the wrong thing to do, because she WILL DRAG YOU. And before we even go there...

I am concerned about Christopher Williams. In case you don't remember he was the dreamy R & B singer who kinda looked like Al B. Sure without the eyebrows and curlier hair. Well lately he looks like he has Methed out.

I would not trust him in my home, at a dinner party or in my car. Is this couple even well-off? I'm not trying to fill my Sunday night with broke folks. It looks like the Bravo team is having a tough time locating people who do not mind being the laughing stalks of Atlanta who actually have some form of celebrity.


How about Bravo go back to the drawing board, get rid of Porsha Stewart (and send her back to school) and please get a man on the show who has not slept with Kandi AND Phaedra...its becoming a little Love and Hip Hopish.

Just saying, please maintain some type of standard.

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Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery

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