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Should Christians Take Anxiety Medication?

God is so good and every good gift comes down from the father above; so how can we for even one second entertain the thought that our loving heavenly father is mad or disappointed in us if we take anxiety medication or receive treatment from a doctor! After all God is love! And he desires for us to happy, healthy and free!

God often heals using medications, doctors, support groups, and professionals of all kinds. You see taking medications or receiving instructions from your doctor is not done outside the realm of faith; no not at all! God is always present and everything we do as Christians should be done out of faith. We simply need to pray for our doctors and counselors that they be guided and used of God. Now that is not to say that we should place all of our faith in doctors or medications alone either; that would be an unhealthy extreme. Instead we need to make use of godly wisdom and common sense. Everything has its place and doctors are trained professionals with knowledge and skills that benefit mankind. A person of real faith does not exclude the help of doctors but he is also not limited to doctor’s alone. He has a hope that is fixed in God and realizes that with God all things are possible!

So what is the main purpose of this article? Well it is to emphasize the fact that Christians should not feel guilty for taking anxiety medications or receiving treatment from a doctor. You see many Christians often feel burdened down with guilt because they take medications and this is unfortunate. God loves to see that smile upon your face and a glow to your countenance and if that means taking an anti-depressant or receiving addiction counseling he is not mad at all. It is actually very responsible to take your health serious and the happier and more productive you are the better a Christian you are going to be. Sadly people who refuse such medications or counseling often cause themselves and family members to suffer needlessly. It is also important to realize that every person is different and not all things help people the same way. But God is all knowing and he knows what is best for you in any given situation.

If you’re feeling down today because you are a christian taking anxiety medication or receiving a doctor’s guidance please let this article encourage you. God loves you so much; he is not disappointed in you or angry. He is your best friend and will never leave you nor forsake you!

May God bless you all!

By Gordon E. Dawe

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