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Should Christians rebuke Harry Potter



I have listened to many people lately, complain that the schools are encouraging children to read the Harry Potter series, by author J.K. Rawlings. Is this an actual legitimate complaint? Considering the fact that most parents have not read the series, or remotely know what it is even about; are they safe to assume that Harry Potter is as negative or as evil as perceived?

Sure, Harry Potter is an orphaned, abused child who somehow happens to be a (brace yourself) wizard. However, is this book really that different than the other ones that the kids are forced to read in school? Think for instance, every person in school is forced to read WIlliam Shakespeare or  Edgar Allan Poe. Shakespeare's work seems so sweet and romantic and has nice rhythmic prose. However, when you get into the depths of his work, it is far worse than any horror story that I have ever heard of. Comparitively, Harry Potter is not so bad. In fact, it is  safe to say that I wil rather my children read Harry Potter, which is far more innocent, than  forced to read William Shakespeare or the dark works of Edgar Allan Poe.

Christians have no real reason to hate the series. Consider this, if one were to look in a Christian's home movie collection, the vast majority own Disney movies. I  challenge any reader to compare something like Snow White to Harry Potter. There is absolutely no difference. Snow White had an evil stepmother who cast a magic spell, a plot to end Snow White's life. Harry Potter fought to save his life by using basic magic. Taking a Christian perspective, the amount of evil is the same. They both use magic, there is death in both stories, and love at the end. There is absolutely no difference between the two.

I am a preacher and have read and enjoyed the entire Harry Potter series. I find J.K, Rawlings to be a very talented author. I am not saying one should be pro Harry Potter. It is known that whatever is not for God is of  the flesh. However, I am saying choose your battles wisely. If you are allowing your children to pretend they are a Disney princess, I wouldn't stop them from reading Harry Potter. The series has been known to take children who are not avid readers to reading books with 800+ pages. That is a very positive thing in which I would support the schools with.


  • Amy 5 years ago

    Harry Potter has changed the lives of many children who read it because it has encouraged those who disliked reading to try again. It opened up so many more avenues for children to explore using the written word and their imaginations. The question of the content of "evil" is mute in the discussion of bringing this book into the classroom, as you pointed out. There are far more graphic displays of evil in writing that children were forced to read in a school setting. What about the evils of war in the book "Red Badge of Courage"? I agree that of any title, I would rather children read Harry Potter than some of the other titles mentioned.

    With any great work, there will always be controversy surrounding it. The discussion on what place Harry Potter has in the classroom or as a inflammatory discussion starter in religion, proves that this series will be around for a long time!

  • Sheri 5 years ago

    I think that sometimes people take some things too seriously, and the things that are really important, aren't taken seriously enough. HARRY POTTER is a simple (though complex) fairy tale, and should be put into the same category as other fiction books.

  • OVPop 5 years ago

    The underlying concern to me is the control that is being excercised by those in authority. The prevalent attitude exists that if we can somehow control what children are exposed to that as a result we can control their ultimate behavior. This preconception is in fact a myth. In this example, Harry Potter becomes the forbidden fruit because of the efforts to eliminate it from children. As such it only assures the continued success of the series of books and movies.

  • mommy to 2 5 years ago

    Sorry but NO Harry Potter in our books! Comparing snow white? We don't watch that either. Witch craft is witch craft. I never read the books nor do I tend to. We seen the video about what the meaning of Harry Potter is at church and if you seen what we seen if you care about your child in witch craft I would stay away from it. Okay I don't mean the most of kids will be affected but there will be lots that will want to go deeper into spells, demons, witch craft, and evil spirits. I would ratter not take the chance to expose my kids to this. Why would this benefit a 5 yr. old in kindergarten? Or pubic school has this in Kindergarten class. I have soo much more things for us to learn that would he soo much better for them. Where do you all think the beginning of witch craft starts? I am not saying all harry potters will but why strick up their interest in it? What is the purpose? Witch craft is a REAL thing!

  • Christina Cooper 5 years ago

    Mommy to 2: If you don't allow your children to see Snow White and such, then you would not be included. My point is that, the stuff the kids are reading in school already, compares the same to Harry Potter. People don't see some of those Disney movies as bad. I don't think that they are too bad either. I believe that kids can have an imagination, however, the same people are looking at Harry Potter as the devil. It is very much the same type of imagination, only in a thicker book. Would I let my kids read it? You bet. I teach my children that things are right and wrong, I trust that they can depict simple childhood imagination from satan.
    Amy- I agree with you. Many people have learned and increased their vocabulary by reading the books, as they do Shakespeare.
    OVPop, the schools are adding it as a more modern type of required reading, however, parents who don't know the story are refuding it.
    Sheri- Thanks! :) That is essentially what I was saying.