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Should children pellet guns be sold to 7-years old and under

Are these as dangerous as an adult pellet gun?
Are these as dangerous as an adult pellet gun?
Sidney DrBKIN

These little guns are being sold at flee-markets to children 7-years old: they are little pellet guns that shoot a pellet, the size of a bee-bee.

Last week a 7-year old bought one of these guns, mother gave the child the money, he took it home, and playing around, shot his close friend near his eye, missing the eye-ball, hitting the eyebrow.

The question is: Should these little pellet guns be sold to 7-years old, and be played with by the child without parent supervision?

Parents should remember the only use of a gun is to kill.Going out to a gun range for target practice is only to become proficient in the use of a gun. Going hunting is to kill an animal for food, or to prevent a wild animal from killing other animals or a human being. People who say,"I have a gun to protect myself from being attacked." They don't realize when they pull out a gun, they pulled it to kill whoever going to cause them harm. Wounding a person does not always stop a person from causing harm. To stop an attacker, is to kill the attacker.

Therefore, these flee-market benders, who sells a gun to a 7-year old child, should have his or hers license or permit pulled, according to the people we talked to.