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Should children pellet guns be sold to 7-years old and under

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These little guns are being sold at flee-markets to children 7-years old: they are little pellet guns that shoot a pellet, the size of a bee-bee.

Last week a 7-year old bought one of these guns, mother gave the child the money, he took it home, and playing around, shot his close friend near his eye, missing the eye-ball, hitting the eyebrow.

The question is: Should these little pellet guns be sold to 7-years old, and be played with by the child without parent supervision?

Parents should remember the only use of a gun is to kill.Going out to a gun range for target practice is only to become proficient in the use of a gun. Going hunting is to kill an animal for food, or to prevent a wild animal from killing other animals or a human being. People who say,"I have a gun to protect myself from being attacked." They don't realize when they pull out a gun, they pulled it to kill whoever going to cause them harm. Wounding a person does not always stop a person from causing harm. To stop an attacker, is to kill the attacker.

Therefore, these flee-market benders, who sells a gun to a 7-year old child, should have his or hers license or permit pulled, according to the people we talked to.