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Should Charger fans be upset with Whisenhunt?

Ken Whisenhunt
Ken Whisenhunt
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Just how much loyalty should an assistant head coach in the NFL or any other sport for that matter have to the team presently paying his rent?

As just about all Charger fans know by now, the man that was their former offensive coordinator (Ken Whisenhunt) was busy with other things as he was helping prepare the Bolts for their AFC Divisional round playoff game with the Broncos in Denver Jan. 12.

With their loss in Denver, the Chargers packed up the gear for another season, while Whisenhunt, the one-time head coach in Arizona (45-51 record, one Super Bowl appearance), would soon pack his bags for Nashville. The new head coach of the Tennessee Titans was saying bon voyage to San Diego and its fans.

In his very short stay in San Diego, Whisenhunt helped bolster the career of veteran quarterback Philip Rivers. The North Carolina State product turned in a stellar 2013 season, throwing for more than 4,000 yards and 32 touchdowns (only 11 interceptions).

That said, did Whisenhunt truly give his all to the Bolts his final full week of employment? Was his mind clearly on preparing to defeat Denver's questionable defense? Or was he thinking about which city he'd end up in next season as head man?

Although Whisenhunt and the Chargers will say to a man that the former was focused on preparing Rivers and Co. the week leading up to the Denver game, one can't help but wonder if that was entirely true. How do you interview for several open head coaching positions, this all the while as you are suppose to be preparing your offensive game plan?

Anyone that watched Denver play these last two weeks knows that the Broncos to a man were/are the best team in the AFC this season. But what if Whisenhunt had been entirely focused on the Broncos instead of where his next house would be? Would San Diego had been able to upset Peyton Manning and Co. twice in the span of a month at home?

We will never know the answer to that question, but it certainly is one that can be asked.

Although different sports have different rules in place when it comes to coaches, players and management for that matter talking about possible relocation while still in season, Whisenhunt was able to interview and plan out San Diego's offensive attack in the same week.

While Whisenhunt has since moved on to Music City, allowing former Buffalo Bill quarterback Frank Reich to take the Chargers' offensive coordinator position, here's hoping that he decides to focus and stick around for a while longer than his predecessor did.

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