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Should banning cell phones be the norm at weddings?

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Anyone born before the '90s remembers a time when parents would say things like, "Call me when you get home" or "Here's the number where I'll be in case of an emergency." Nowadays people will be late to work or go into a panic attack without their smartphones and cell phones within a few feet away at all times.

It comes as no surprise that opinions are strong about why celebrity couples (actress Gabrielle Union and Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade or reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West) are consistently requesting guests to not bring their cell phones into the wedding ceremonies. It took Beyonce and Jay Z's On the Run tour before the public even got a glimpse of their private wedding shots.

The everyday person doesn't have to worry about guests trying to sell their photos to TMZ or other print/online gossip publications. However, if the wedding is a bit too memorable, even they can end up on news platforms. Remember the craziness of the lady who felt that dragging her baby on a wedding dress was a good idea?

While cell phones are a means of entertainment and communication, they can also be a hindrance to the wedding party and wedding planner. People texting during the wedding ceremony have absolutely no interest in the main event. People clicking photos with flash during the wedding ceremony may lead to a hassle for the photographer trying to get professional shots. And the worst group is the ones who let their phones vibrate or ring out loud during the ceremony or when the preacher is speaking.

Weeding out those who are more concerned about who's on the other end of the phone, what computer apps they can play to pass the time or what publication will pay the most for wedding pics are the ones to weed out of a wedding anyway. Not only does a cell phone wedding ban knock down the cost of reception food and beverage costs but it'll also immediately prove who is really there for the special event.

Unless the wedding guests are jumping on trains or buses in their best outfits, it's not difficult to leave a cell phone in the car (or trunk, for security reasons). Museums, live concerts and plays all commonly require people to not use their mobile phones inside of the area.

The only downside to this cell phone ban is sometimes the guests get better live action shots than the photographer, who usually has a plan to follow for getting prepared photographs. There is a possibility that the wedding party will invest more money into professional shots when the guests have more personalized (and free) pics, but it's up to the bride and groom to take that risk.

Do you think smartphones and mobile phones should be banned from celebrity weddings, all weddings or no weddings?

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