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Should antique shoppers use Pinterest?

Pinterest is easy for antique shoppers to use & fun to share things you love.  This could be your shopping experience.
Pinterest is easy for antique shoppers to use & fun to share things you love. This could be your shopping experience.
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Why should antique shoppers and dealers use Pinterest, the photo oriented “social networking” site? Why not use Pinterest is a better question. All important companies and people are, or soon will be. It has 70 million users worldwide. It has a value of over 5 Billion dollars.

Pinterest is fast becoming a necessity for antique shoppers.
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

It is easy to sign up for. You must, however, give them your correct age. This is a mystery, but that’s their program. Then you have to choose companies/people to “Follow”. You need a name for yourself, of course. They have a Help Center page that actually explains everything – unlike most websites. When you follow people, you get their latest pins, so if they specialize in something, they are likely to pin things related to things they collect. That might be from museums, breaking news from new discoveries, and the latest results from auctions, who knows.

Pinning, or placing a photo from a website, is as easy as pushing the Pin button. From Pinterest viewers can just push a button and be taken to the original website of the photo. (The easiest way to do this is to add the Pinterest button to your browser.) This means it’s easy to locate the website it came from if you want to learn more.

Users can start a “Board” to keep categories separate. It might be on antique guns or coins or oil paintings. It might be of your recent antique show. It might be on an antique shop opening or big sale. Antiques auctions, if you have live pictures, could be great, since auction house pictures on their websites are notoriously deceiving. You can have secret boards as well. A good example might be pins from antique shop websites you like to refer an associate to explore.

People get their own version, their own home page, based on who they are following. If you ever wonder what people are doing on all those tablets and smart phones, now you know. They’re looking at the latest pictures of the things they collect. Friends who know what you like can easily send you pictures and links to a website so you can learn more. It can be a very learning experience for collectors and antique dealers, not just a pastime.

You can easily send the pictures to anyone you know. That makes it easy for people to promote their business. Dealers who exhibit only at shows can post pictures of their space to encourage potential customers, and get them to go to their website. And, it adds credibility to see that you are a real person in the real world and not an imposter.

Some good advice is to do an Internet search on “Pinterest guide”. And, it is always a good idea to look things up on Wikipedia, so be sure to do that. Some people may have a problem with their copyright policy.

When you click the box next to the search box a long list of categories comes up for you to find new things to follow. It is simple to unfollow.

Search the Internet by searching “Pinterest for business” and find all kinds of advice and information on how to promote your business. You can use pictures from your website, or of your antiques.

When people spend thousands on advertising, why not use the free publicity of Pinterest? And, it is a lot of fun, a lot of fun. Go to and Search: Antique Shops in Charleston SC, for example.

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