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Should a patient who is mentally challenged face discrimination?

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The mentally challenged phenomenon continues to have a blind side. In this country alone there are known cases of people who are mentally challenged, and yet are faced with discrimination. Why is this dilemma allowed to happen? There is little trust in the laws that are put in place to protect those who experience such agony of caring for his or her illness, and later find it very difficult to live in a society where people are extremely judgmental and marked by such prejudices.

In fact, the media can sometimes make an individual who is mentally ill out to be simply an outcast. Of course, in cases where a person who has lived most his or her life depressed and with attributed anxiety, the chances of them becoming stereotyped and with the notion of being labeled is possible. The moral ethics of a person's character may have been thought of by others to be distraught, but for someone who is being treated for his or her mental or physical illnesses, whether bipolar, adhd, schizophrenia, or any other disorder should not have to bear the unwanted ignorance of people who have not taken the time to educate themselves about the mentally ill.   

Looking at a very serious case acclaimed by an associated source concerning a surrogate mother who had been challenged in the aspects of incapability's of giving birth, there is assumptions that seemed to have been implied that the mother to be had been treated for a psych disorder before; Nonetheless, it is questionable as to whether or not the mother is capable of rendering care along with her spouse to the newborns. Moreover, it was discovered by the surrogate mother that the illness perhaps was a part of the new mother to be astute character in the past. The point in case here in this scenario displays the untruths and myths about some people who have been treated for their illnesses, and because of the sensitive nature of the mentally challenged became a result of an aggravated target for one who is discriminated because of his or her illness. (AP, Good Morning America)

The end result is that there are in some instances people who are mentally ill who may discontinue their treatments for a disorder. Also, because of their attempt to have been fortunate enough to maintain control of his or her disorder are now a likely candidate, and due to labeling have been placed as a part of the patients categorical life history. The society will still try to absorb relying on myths rather than truths about mental illnesses. Discrimination causes the mentally challenged to not live out somewhat normal lives in most cases. And, if by choice a patient who is mentally ill chooses to seek professional help should be given a chance at his or her free will. If a person who is not knowledgeable chooses not to better understand the mentally challenged, then discriminatory acts posed upon the sufferer is driven by biases that are out of ignorance. The best outcome for mentally ill patients is to view the world embracing them more without being judgmental. At best, one who is a constant target of biased opinions are intolerable when it takes away the inner soul of the mentally challenged in our society.  

Informational sources: (Please copy and paste to browser if link appears broken)

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  • Charlene Collins - Atlanta Family Health Examiner 5 years ago

    It's really sad that people who have a noticeable condition are discriminated against. Great article.

  • Shamika C. 5 years ago

    First of all, nice pic. I want to start off by saying that this is something that is not looked at a lot in this world. Many people are discriminated against, where it's color, mental, or just by the way someone may look/act. I feel it is a disgrace and should take more recognition. "Why are people like this"? Will it ever change? I don't think so. This world is so judgemental and it's a shame that some people don't see that discrimination is wrong. No one should be ignored or not granted something for reasons of any condition that he/she may have, but it is happening today...It's time for a change, America...thanks for sharing this article...

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