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Should a Kid Be Arrested For Throwing A Snowball at a Cop - Just or Fair?

Did cops overact in arresting 13-year-old who allegedly tossed snowball at cop car
Did cops overact in arresting 13-year-old who allegedly tossed snowball at cop car
- Photo credit - Daily Mail

Either the Chicago 13-year-old completely was acting a fool or he lost his mind when he allegedly decided to throw a snowball at a cop. But according to the Chicago Tribune he said he did not do the deed and placed the blame squarely on someone else in the crowd he was standing with.

But undeterred the cop is sticking to his story and he has back up from the school’s dean and a school security guard who beg to differ with the young student’s protestations. According to the school officials, they were standing nearby and saw the alleged incident, then singled the boy out of the 15 plus students that were standing on the corner.

The boy was quickly arrested and taken into custody. The mother reportedly received a phone call from the arresting officer informing her that her son was being detained and was being booked on a felony charge of battery against a police officer.

The mother, who was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, insisted that her son had never been involved in any criminal actions before and was surprised that her son was arrested. Even the 8th grader admitted that he had a spotless record when it came to any type of problems or bad behavior.

The police concurred with the young boy’s assessment and attested that, “The boy had no known area gang affiliation and confirmed it was the boy’s first arrest,” according to the Chicago Tribune. The boy was suspended for five days from school and is scheduled for a March 12th Juvenile Court date.

There are some in his community who might feel that since the arrested boy had never been arrested that he should have been let off with a warning from the police. But the 13-year-old will have his day in court and perhaps his arrest and court appearance will serve as a possible lesson for his parents and other kids that snow ball tossing at cops is not a simple game.

In the windy city somebody has to pay for the deed and come correct, courtesy of the Chicago legal system period.

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