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Shots of Ogunquit Beach - one of New England's most popular beaches

Ogunquit Beach is one of Maine’s main attractions (pardon the pun!), and it’s just under two hours north of Boston. It’s a wonderful day trip to pair with a visit to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is just a 15-minute drive from Ogunquit. Along with Crane Beach, Hull and Martha’s Vineyard, Ogunquit Beach is extremely well rated on Trip Advisor and Yelp, as one of the top beaches to visit in the Northeast.

The observations of a sea gull at Ogunquit Beach and other shots of Ogunquit Beach
Ogunquit Beach, Maine

The atmosphere on Ogunquit Beach is the typical New England beach atmosphere – sands dunes galore and lots of open space beach area when the tide is shallow. When the tide is low, the beach’s coast offers the perfect water to go wading in, especially since the ocean temperature tends to be a bit cold in Maine. So, if it’s too nippy to dunk into, at least we can get our legs cooled off!

The sand is nice and soft, beige-colored, and the beach itself is very nicely maintained. There are two entrances offered - the main ‘Ogunquit Beach’ entrance, and also the Footbridge Beach entrance. Essentially, both entrances lead to the same beach, but Footbridge Beach is about a mile further north, and is known by the locals as the “less crowded” side of the beach (this local knowledge, of course, will probably not stay a local secret forever, since Footbridge Beach has had so many write-ups about it in the last 2 years!). Footbridge Beach also has a nice wooden footbridge that visitors cross to reach the coast. The footbridge runs across the Ogunquit River and some lovely sand dunes that have wild roses growing in them – the smell of wild roses right before entering the beach is really quite alluring and unique when it comes to beach experiences!).

Be sure to check out the slide show to see some amusing photos of an observant resident of Ogunquit - a sea gull! The slideshow also includes views of the sand dunes and of the entrance from the wooden footbridge on Footbridge Beach. Ogunquit Beach is definitely a great stop if you’re visiting New England and want to indulge in the classic New England beach experience!