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Shots Fired In Florida Movie Theater

Shots Fired In Florida Movie Theater
Shots Fired In Florida Movie Theater

Wesley Chapel, Florida is usually a quiet little area outside of Tampa. Today shots were fired inside the Grove 16 movie theater complex. A man and a woman were shot while watching a film this afternoon. Both have been airlifted to local hospitals. Conditions of the victims are unknown at this time. A man is in custody at this time.

The theater complex is right off I-75 at highway 54 here in Central Florida. It is approximately 5 miles from my house and though I have never been to this complex I am told that it is enormous. Along with the 16 movie theaters is also a bistro that serves food along with your movie. The Pasco County Sheriff department has the movie theaters evacuated and has the theater roped off from anyone going back in.

At this time we are unaware as to why the shooting took place. The reason I am posting this is because of the mass shooting out in Aurora Colorado a couple of years ago. The complex is owned by Cobb Theater.

Now here is the question, should movie theaters have security checks of its customers from now on. Should there be hand bag checks like the ones the NFL conduct on people attending football games. Have we become a nation of crazies that we can't even go to the movies a place where most people go to lose themselves to a film.

This sort of thing doesn't happen in Wesley Chapel, Florida but it has now. More to come.

Update: The movie being viewed was 'Lone Survivor'. One person is now confirmed dead. The reason for the shooting was texting. The shooter was unhappy with the clicking of the phone, words were exchanged, and fatal shots were fired. At this time it is unknown whether it was the man who was texting or his female companion who was killed.