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SHOT Show is not all about guns

El Paso Saddlery Leatherwork
El Paso Saddlery Leatherwork
El Paso Saddlery & Jeff Banke

Among the many vendors at the SHOW Show were several manufacturers of not guns but leatherwork, and Paracord Accessories.

El Paso Saddlery Western Holster
El Pas Saddlery

El Paso Saddlery Co, manufacturer of Western holsters, and belts, to holsters for more modern guns including a Conceal-Pro Paddle™, a Spyder™ Shoulder System, #200 Shoulder System, Ultra Cover™ deep concealment holster, military belts, dress belts, munitions belts, scabbards, Shotgun cases, magazine pouches, saddle & pommel bags, and much more.

El Paso Saddlery has been around since 1889, producing excellent quality leather goods. All EPS leather goods are available in russet brown or black, with holsters available for left and right handed shooters, and can come with stamped or carved designs.

For more information on El Paso Saddlery, check their web site here

Of interest in the paracord area was the made in the USA 550 paracord, and COBRABRAID™ 550 Paracord by 2 Monkey Trading, LLC, which is a family owned and operated business located in central New York, with the majority of their products manufactured in the USA.

Besides selling the COBRABRAID™ 550 Paracord bundles in 100ft bundles in about 16 colors, their products range from dog collars, and belts for humans that are a standard Cobra weave over a strong nylon belt, to gun slings of the same design, bracelets with built in fire starters, or velcro quick releases, to Carabineer keychains, and .308 projectile necklaces.

Many of the products combine two different color paracord for added interest, with the firestarter bracelet containing 16feet of paracord. One final product of interest is the survival pod which contains, fishing line, floats, fishing hooks, knife blade, tinder, tin foil, a firestarter and fishing weights as well as the paracord surround and carabeener.

To see more of the inventive products from 2 Monkey Trading check here

For more on paracord bracelets see here

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