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SHOT 2014: ‘Assaulted’ producer at SAF booth through week

Kris Koenig, left, and Alan Samuel from Machine Gun Tours in Denver, who appears in the film, were at the SAF booth at the SHOT Show.
Dave Workman

Kris Koenig, co-producer of the film “Assaulted, Civil Rights Under Fire,” told Examiner today in an exclusive SHOT Show interview that his goal with the 79-minute film — which is available throughout the show this week at the Second Amendment Foundation booth — is to educate the public about how their rights are under attack.

“Too many people in our own community aren’t aware the film exists,” Koenig, a resident of Chico, Calif., said.

Koenig wrote and directed the documentary, which was also produced by Eric Katzenberg, Anita Ingrao with Geoff Arrobio and Nabil Khattar as executive producers. The documentary was done by Dead Patriot Films.

The film was released in a limited number of theaters last June 20, and it has been raising eyebrows and public awareness ever since. Narrated by Ice-T, “Assaulted” takes the audience on a trek across the gun rights landscape, focusing on the Second Amendment as a personal right, a community obligation and how the right to keep and bear arms was designed to assure the citizenry with what Koenig called “a balance of power.”

To illustrate the latter, his film discusses the 1946 Battle of Athens, Tenn., that saw local citizens take up arms against what they felt was a corrupt government. The incident was made into a film starring Brad Johnson, Kathleen Quinlan and Tom Sizemore called “An American Story.”

Koenig’s film also reminds viewers about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Los Angeles riots, and touches on the 2011 shooting of an intruder by Redding, Calif., resident Donna Hopper.

Koenig was the victim of a carjacking, and one night on a ride-along with a local sheriff’s deputy as part of a documentary on gang activity in Northern California, he was involved in a confrontation with a known gang member. He applied for a carry permit the next day on the advice of a deputy.

“I’m a victim no more,” he told this column.

The independent film was largely financed with donations, including one from SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, who is also chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

“Alan was one of our first donors, along with the Calguns Foundation,” Koenig said. “We owe a lot to Alan. He’s been a huge mentor.”

Koenig’s film crew shot footage for the movie at the 2012 Gun Right Policy Conference, interviewed Gottlieb, attorney Alan Gura who successfully argued both the Heller and McDonald cases before the Supreme Court, Second Amendment scholar and attorney David Kopel and many others, including pro-gun rocker Ted Nugent.

One of Koenig’s primary missions this week at the SHOT Show is to meet retailers and encourage them to make his video available in their stores.

He believes this documentary tells a story that America needs to hear. Now that it is available on video, increasing numbers of people will have that opportunity.


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