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Shortage of volunteers signals hard times again for Southland rescuers

Non profit organization Kitty Devore seeks volunteer/fosters to lift self-imposed suspension of rescue activities.
Non profit organization Kitty Devore seeks volunteer/fosters to lift self-imposed suspension of rescue activities.
G. London

Southern California: Volunteer foster homes badly needed to end self-imposed suspension.

Back in August 2013, the Southland rescue group Kitty Devore Rescue Network (KD) was facing serious challenges due to a shortage of foster volunteers. The process of saving cats from certain death at San Bernardino County's Devore shelter is a multifaceted one, and involves many steps. It requires serious, dedicated commitment on behalf of all participants.

As KD administrator Renee Mc Elwee emphasizes, removing cats and kittens from Devore with sometimes only moments remaining before euthanasia is only the beginning of an important and necessary process. To reach the ultimate goal of adoption into loving homes, typically the animals must be fostered, the crucial, necessary and important middle step in which kittens and cats are temporarily housed and brought into a safe, healthy and stable condition so that they will be desirable for adoption by the general public.

Once again, however, the rescuers have fallen upon difficult circumstances—a shortage of volunteer fosters. When this happens, KD self-imposes a suspension upon rescue activities from the Devore shelter, until replacement fosters for displaced kittens and cats can be found.

For the past several months, KD's website has made mention of this dilemma, keeping daily count of how many cats need to find secondary fosters, This number has fluctuated from as few as 4 to 5 to as many as 12 or 13.

December 2013 was a month in which many potentially adoptable and friendly kittens and cats were euthanized, because KD's hands were tied, and because the shelter at Devore is underfunded and understaffed, and can only accommodate so many animals at one time.

As of today, January 12, there are still 7 cats in need of new/replacement foster homes, and KD's self-imposed suspension continues. Without replacement or new fosters, the suspension continues indefinitely, and the needless death of perfectly adoptable kittens and cats will go on, unchecked.

This is an opportunity open to the general public, and will result in more kittens and cats being saved from certain death at Devore—a long term win/win for all. Since KD's inception a few years ago, the death rate at Devore has dramatically decreased, something its co-founders and members work tirelessly to maintain.

KD provides every member (and to date, there are over 180 total) and potential fosterer/adopters with full support and guidance, including KD's own Fostering Handbook to answer and assist with the full gamut of issues including behavior modification, socialization, and medical requirements. KD also reimburses for expenses, and has a Petfinder account and website featuring all of their adoptables. KD also has in-store adoption venues and participates in the larger Pet Expo events with their foster kittens and cats to help them gain exposure and find permanent homes. KD also provides a starter kit with some essential medicines which might be needed by new fosters.

Kitty Devore is a non-profit organization certified by the state of California, and all donations/contributions are tax-deductible. To inquire further about this, and fostering/adoption procedures, please visit From here, click on tab(s) to foster/adopt.

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