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Short walk: Oklahoma City Cheap date day trip (Part 3)

Finishing up this walk in Downtown Oklahoma City rolling back thru town and on to vintage residential
Finishing up this walk in Downtown Oklahoma City rolling back thru town and on to vintage residential

Impromptu walk in OKC, turned into a half day excursion. Oklahoma City Farmer's Market, Oklahoma River, and then the Oklahoma City historic Little Flower Catholic Church, Sky Bridge, Union Station and the Myriad Gardens....

Myriad Gardens the pivot point, was full of families walking, eating, talking and playing. Rested a bit and rolled North, heading back to the Midtown office.

Downtown, besides acquiring a renovation of the Myriad Gardens, also had a facelift on the Oklahoma City Civic Center So their grounds are newly refurbished, and have hosted numerous out door private social events ..... one of which is dinner under the stars... a highly unusual outing for groups, complete with fairy lights and a sit down dinner on the East lawn, facing the Oklahoma City Municipal Building or City Hall as most know it, where Oklahoma City Government happens. Follow news for Downtown OKC on TWITTER .@OKCUSA

North of this is where the switch is tripped for Midtown Midtown can be followed on TWITTER at .@midtown_okc or .@OKCMidtowner two very different blogs.

Midtown hosts H&8th happens on the last Friday from Spring through Fall. This sleepy little two block area exploded when Ward 2 representative, Dr. Ed Shadid hosted his Mayoral Campaign office here about the same time H&8th was hatched by local business owners.

Averaging about 15k in attendance, this event venue for H&8th has expanded to yet another neighborhood a couple of blocks further North, the Plaza Court

Plaza Court mixing it up with the every Friday St. Anthony's Hospital Farmer's Market tent and pushing towards Historic Heritage Hills... readying for The Edge apartments to finally be completed and occupied.

Don't forget to look for Midtown installments of SPOKIES rental bikes and TIMECAR both rent transportation by the hour.

West up Classen Drive is the now closed Villa Teresa Childen's School and connected convent of Carmelite Sisters.... The Sisters decided they were unable to continue to foster this service, as they were aging and not taking new young women into their order.

But see the slideshow with this article, but look at their (The nuns webpage link above) because they have a variety of things... not in the least #NBA THUNDER BASKETBALL HUMOR.....see image 7/21 for the nuns Thunder joke. Pretty good!

It is not completely clear if the church will retain these the Classen Drive properties. There is the convent, and two school buildings in OKC. There were some other buildings in Edmond, but those may belong to a parish directly.

The houses which housed the school are gorgeous multi-story mansions in various styles. Other houses like houses in the immediate area are refurbished converted to businesses. This particular block is not on the national register and so it is not controlled for use or renovations like the nearby houses in Heritage Hills or Mesta Park.

In Atlanta it is not uncommon for high end restaurants to occupy properties like this. As such a property can be seated for general dining, cordoned off for private dinners for a single room, or the entire property overtaken in reservation for an event.

The uniqueness of location, along with the EDGE being apartments only, not full residences, offering residents limited though luxurious space for everyday living. Having options that can one can expand to for temporary but familiar service are imperative in quality living and exceptional business practices. All of which Oklahoma City intown strives for.

It has been said the nun's planned retirement dollars... for medical care and such were expected to consume much of the monies from these properties, which they apparently were fully responsible for and intended to sell to cover that.

But there is also a multi-million dollar Catholic Social Services property emerging on North Classen Boulevard ( these streets are not the same street. Classen Blvd generally runs North and South, where Classen Drive emerges on the 11 o'clock of the 10th street roundabout and crosses 13th and North Shartel wrapping in a loop around Harn Park

It is not clear if those properties on Classen Drive will work cooperatively with the Classen Boulevard emerging or current location ( Catholic Social Services is housed ad 15th and North Classen Boulevard.) or if any properties other than the new one will be retained.

This writer's eventful journey ended at the Gaylord-Pickens Heritage Museum, with dollar admissions on Saturday all summer, this chronicle of some of Oklahoma's more interesting residents is a clever look at architecture and history. The multi-media environment is also a venue for weddings and social events. The four story heavily sculpted property features various types of stone, leather, wood and tile in an impressive array of early Oklahoma oil money architecture.

Pedestrians in the Midtown area may think they have seen this building before, and they have. The Heritage Museum, had the same architect as for Central High School, which will soon be the Oklahoma City University School of Law,_Oklahoma)_Central_High_School-1706261.jpeg Old Central High School flanks the H&8th venue up the hill to the EAST at about 8th and Robinson.

And then the newly reoccupied Presbyterian Church on 13th is filled with families many days a week after sitting dormant and unloved for years.

Walking in OKC is a great chance to see some of the area rebirth, get some exercise and understand some of the interlocking history of the area. FINALE Part 7

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