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Short walk: Oklahoma City Cheap date day trip (Part 2)

So, the Oklahoma River has been seriously upgraded in the last 30 years. And renamed, as is the trend to reduce confusion.

Taking a walk in Oklahoma City. Along the Oklahoma River and more.
Taking a walk in Oklahoma City. Along the Oklahoma River and more.

There are a variety ways to access the paved, groomed trail along the Oklahoma River,, so it is possible to match up the maps with the prior article.

Further East along the path, is the Boathouse District, which includes a good bit of planned entertainment.

Walking along the Oklahoma River, a wide variety of others along the route. People walking, roller blading, biking and running. One set of gentlemen fishing. One family picnicking.

At no point was there any physical or environmental challenge other than the sought walk. Everyone was friendly, uttering a greeting in passing. Ok one guy laughed at this writer because kept switching sides of the path, taking photos or checking things out.

But he did an audible giggle, but didn't call me the proverbial biker's "deadbody" indicating the person moving SO SLOW one might as well not be moving at all............ This girl's list is also polite, sans that term.... as a suggestion for those not used to shared trails.... might tell one what to listen for. Runners typically merely call left or right as they pass.

Having watched the skyline pass on the left ( walking East along the OKC side of the Oklahoma River, which would be the North Bank) it appeared to be time to call it quits.

And in reality, most people going down to the Oklahoma River travel to and from in a car. Bring themselves, bikes or kids and when done with it as a recreation destination ( often if with kids to a planned recreational activity) drive away. Along the river itself, excluding Wheeler Park, there aren't yet play spaces... or work out stations... adding some movement deliciousness and challenge to mix up the looping trail.

This writer pulled up at a logical stopping point, a green park like space, with multiple intersecting roads. This later turned out to be South Walker. As with the travels from the main street to the trail, there was no paved walkway and in many places the sidewalk was obliterated and there was no street sign on the North/South on the road walked, to indicate location.... block after block.

This writer received over a 10 block area, no less than 5 job offers and ride offers too numerous to count. Walking alone, as a single white female apparently attracted much attention. Despite the fact photos being taken, and landmarks observed... guess some do that a as ruse .... for some.... in ...... uh... unincorporated... uh... business.

Having lived in OKC many years, this "tracking and trolling" was not particularly concerning.... Only one truck circled for multiple blocks. All businesses on this strip were either abandoned or closed, given the day of the week. This writer, not surprisingly didn't accept the "job offers". It is remarkable one of the "offers" was from an area icecream truck driver. Just sayin'.

Oklahoma Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault team has some prevention tips and suggestions for catcallers.......... follow them on TWITTER. Also. CarlessinOKC is also on TWITTER and can make suggestions on pedestrian life here in Oklahoma City.

It is probably important to remember however that Oklahoma has a pretty high violence rating and that the Oklahoma River flanks a highway at points. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Beyond the blight, the architecturally charming and welcoming wonderful landmark, The Little Flower Catholic Church appeared. This video shows the extensive grounds, including a school for young children and a recreation center. Oklahoma City is lacking both public and private intown schools for 8th grade and under, and seeing such evidence of young and vibrant family life by history always recalls hope that families will be able to have full lives in the intown and downtown areas again.

Shortly thereafter the Sky Bridge.

A few blocks more and the first prolonged chance to look at the original Union Train Station which has been spectacularly refurbished. This grey granite structure will eventually have neighbors who enjoy it's charm and nostalgia.

A few more 1960's OKC Urban Renewal testament blocks that were sans even street signs. Did see the EMBARK bus pass, and from the Sky Bridge, the Chesapeake Arena was visible. The plan for the massive Downtown park is supposed to roll this section of land down to the Oklahoma River's edge into grassland....

Here's a map of plans for global OKC urban renewal. If Oklahoma City's rise is at all like Atlanta, events like Thunder NBA Basketball will continue to bring a wide variety of visitors, who will understand these patches of property have almost immediate financial return. FINALE Part 7

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