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Short Suits for Spring and Summer

Short suits for work
Short suits for work

Short suits: to use or not to use. I say, “To use.” Spring is here and summer is coming up. The heat is rising and these suits are so chic. Short suits, contrary to popular belief, can be used for work, casually and even on a date. Its air of freshness and modernism are a great complement to any outfit.

A great option for an elegant evening

When using them for work, the length is key. There are still shorts, so you want to make sure they look appropriate. Treat them like skirts. If the hem sits too far from the knee on your thigh, it is probably too short. To play it safe, pick a short that sits just over the knee. A great trick is to use pantyhose. If you pick a dark color as brown or black, it will instantly elevate the look, making it more elegant and providing more coverage.

If you would like to use them casually, you can have lots of fun. Try bright colors, various textures and all kinds of shoes. Footwear can make a big impact in a short suit outfit. It can change the whole mood and the comfort level. If you are going to an art gallery, use oxfords or ballerina flats. If you are going to have brunch with friends, experiment with various sandals and pumps.

When going on a date, pick a black, white or patterned suit. The main thing here is to look sexy and effortless. The suit should make you feel fabulous and comfortable. This is a great time to show off your legs with sensual heels.
If you would like to play with the jackets, by all means, do it. Mix and match and try to maintain a balance within all pieces. Pick one piece to be the center of attention. The other two pieces should complement the look.

For combination ideas, take a look at our slideshow.

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