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Short story: “I, DID (or, On the Splitting of the Pineal Gland)”

Short story: “I DID (or, On the Splitting of the Pineal Gland)”
Short story: “I DID (or, On the Splitting of the Pineal Gland)”
Illustration by author Ken Ammi.

The Isis-Iris Scanner accomplishes the eye scan confirming identity and states, “I-K-2-0-0-1.” Adrenalin levels drop, endorphins spike, his shoulders stoop with a deep breath; he is now home.

“Hello girl, hellllloooo, good girl; ready for your walk? Good girl.” Wolfgang Hardcastle takes his dog Dee for a walk in the designated area adjacent to his living quarters; no need for vigilance there. “Good girl, gooooood giiiiirl! Come on Dee O'Gee.” Yet, when he takes her out, out there, out into the streets; the scanner relates a code to the canine as well so as to prepare it for guard duty.

He settles in for the evening looking frumpy, acting dopey, thinking foggy and taking in meaningless entertainment via and the latest views report visual programming; perfect, this is his homebody.

At the sanctioned time the Homegrammer announces “R-E-M-9:00-PM.” Melatonin levels spike, eyes droop to half mast, “Come on girl (yaaaaaaaawn), night night time, get to your bed.”

As he is made to fall asleep; Dreamnet kicks in keeping him in deep sleep whilst promulgating data via his dreams.

Being set for “6:00-AM,” Homegrammer announces “S-O-L-6:00-AM; work will make you free.” Clothing is determined by Homegrammer based on a complex algorithm which accounts for date, functions scheduled for the day, color, texture, etc. Nutrients are expelled as per determined dosage. As he walks towards the door to leave Homegrammer states, “H-P-O-L-L-O-I-1-9-9-1” and he is on, pumped, HGH levels, testosterone and adrenalin burst through his system; he will traverse the outside world, ready for anything and nothing better get in his way. As he steps through the door Homegrammer sees him off with the declaration, “Vigilance”

The Isis-Iris Scanner at Gigatherion states, “F-N-S-1-9-4-1” and “Good morning Mr. Hardcastle, work will make you free.” He is shifted to pure analytic intellect. Wolfgang Hardcastle was the left hand man of Gigatherion’s top scientist Francis Nicodemus Stein whom he encounters on the way to his designated work area within the Poly-Psyche division.

“Good morning Dr. Stein,” says Hardcastle “Indeed and likewise Mr. Hardcastle,” is the reply, continuing with “Let us stop by the history lecture by Thrope.” “Certainly,” replies Hardcastle, “she certainly knows how to put on a show.” They both guffaw as Miss Anne Thrope was colder than liquid nitrogen, but could be made to put on veneer demonstrative of an, almost, human nature.

Gigatherion marks a turning point toward the ultimate omni-poly-crypto-gnosis goal for humanity.” Wolfgang Hardcastle whispers to Dr. Stein, “I’m almost sure that, that is supposed to mean something” to which Dr. Stein replies, “Well, I’m glad that, at least, she knows what she means.” They both know full well, but even intellect has its manner whereby to take a jab.

“Whilst Oraganicationalists yet demand unification of self, our great aim works towards the poly-psyche of all” and, oh, how she longed for such an occurrence; when all would be multiplicit and surveilled.

Oraganicationalists were a sore spot for Dr. Stein and at the mention of them, he stated to Hardcastle, “Oraganicationalists! A sham of a scam and flimflam! Ignortationalists is more like it. They think that the earth and water which they oh so tenderly keep, not to mention the very air, are organic. They know not” and again he repeated with much emphasis, “They know not! That the components for nanodroids have been dispersed within any and all earth, water and air. At our whim, with a mere command, the components will come together within them and then, we will have them as well.”

Miss Thrope’s talk traced the history of the great aim work and future goal. She continued:

“Did life imitate art, did art imitate life and was there someone, or something, behind the scenes of both which propelled us to seek poly-psyche? In any regard, it was not long ago, was it?, when dissociative identity disorder-DID became all the rage, did it not?, and very, very quickly, almost as if on que, various modes and methods of achieving multiple dissociations were deployed.

People who were so enamored with themselves so as to deny being multiplied were rightfully, were they not?, ousted from societal and pop-occultural discourse.

We must merge all our work, must we not?, and unify towards multiplying. The Neo Aeon institute had a good run, did it not?, but could only accomplish so much applying light, sound and color based programming.

The Order of the Filii Magnatum, or was it the dis-Order (her attempt at a joke), sought manners whereby to reach the great aim work via the manipulation of DNA and by mixing and matching genetics. Where did that get them? Well, it did get us the humanzoo, did it not? (one of her favorite pastimes; throwing food at those…creatures).

The Heylelians have an ancient history of employing torturous means including malnutrition, trauma and possession. We still have, do we not?, underground rogues performing such deeds and stocking the black market Pharmakeia for those wretchedly addicted to adrenalchrone, bilirubin, etc. (“Those addicts are nothing but human bacteria traps,” she thought).

We must, must we not?, unify all effectively efficient methods in order to accomplish our great aim work. And leading the charge is our very own Poly-Psyche Division. Gone are the days of DID. We seek order, deep and lasting order, the new great aim work order!”

At that, Dr. Francis N. Stein and Wolfgang Hardcastle made for the door, the last thing they needed was to be drawn into an impromptu speech. On the spot linguistic magnificence was not their problem; they had more pressing matters to which they must attend.

“To elucidate,” Dr. Stein reiterated, “we know that each psyche functions, exists, as it were, upon or within a specified frequency. This is the manner whereby Homegrammers can put whole swaths of personages to coma-like ‘sleep’ and wake them up, have them come to, at once; having one section of the populace awaken in order to take their work shift while the other sleeps, etc. And we have oft discussed the instances of people finding themselves gathering in great flocks as the scanning Cielojo drones have confirmed via flyby DNA tracking. It is merely a function of frequency based conglomeration.” “You’re starting to sound like Miss Anne Thrope,” Hardcastle cuts in. “Cyrus forbid!” laughs Dr. Stein.

Wolfgang Hardcastle was narrowing in on something. That the pineal gland was the body’s antenna was ancient knowledge. That it had been suppressed by the employment of various additives to food, water and air was none but common knowledge.

Hardcatle’s mind reeled; the pineal gland! The conarium! The epiphysis cerebri! Indeed, the pineal body would become the pineal poly.

The little gland, ensconced, as it is, within the vertebrate brain has long been viewed as the very nexus of that which the ignorati, such as René Descartes, referred to as the “principal seat of the soul.” What a lofty term, thought Hardcasle, for a bundle of bio-electrical circuitry.

There lay his goal; a journey to the center of the brain, within the epithalamus, between the hemispheres, where the two halves of the thalamus join.

Georges Bataille had written of the “pineal eye,” the “parietal eye” and some, such as Hindus, Pagans, New Agers, Theosophists, etc. positioned a chakra at the pineal gland the “third eye.”

H. P. Lovecraft premised his tale From Beyond upon the construction of a device that would stimulate the pineal gland so as to gain access to other dimensions. On and on the philosophy and fiction went. Yet, Wolfgang Hardcastle had much more immediate, material, goals.

His work with Elizabethlehem had brought about an insight of sorts but it was not, as of yet, fully developed within his minds. Elizabethlehem was, shall we say bred, and thus had a relatively clean pineal gland. However, having been a result of the Order of the Filii Magnatum experiments; she was not altogether human and thus, her gland was no model for humanity at large. His work with Elizabethlehem was convincing him that the gland was the key. Yet, how so still eluded him.

Since Wolfgang Hardcastle was Dr. Francis N. Stein’s left hand man, the doctor decided to bring him in on a project involving a certain Geda N. Ken. Whilst reviewing her files, Hardcastle was flummoxed by the lack of background information; the file was pure techno-data. He immediately, sought information about her pineal gland as he was prepared to divulge his research into the gland to Dr. Stein but knew that his results with Elizabethlehem would not suffice. He could get her gland to vibrate at various frequencies but no more came from it.

Wolfgang decided to take a nutrients break and found the data screen on displaying the daily views. The report was, “Egyptian Antiquities Supreme Supervisor, Dr. Ai'waz Lam, has just announced that the Pyramids are, actually, diamond-like octohedrons.” On the surface, the pyramids are four sided but had been discovered to be built upon, mirror imaged, upside down pyramids.

He mentioned this report to Dr. Stein who said, “Most interesting, and I had thought that the pyramids were the tops of gigantic obelisks buried under the sands…of time.” “Obelisks sitting atop what?” asked Wolfgang but Dr. Stein was not interested in elucidating; he had more pressing matters to which to attend.

Mirrors, diamonds, multiples…an utter surge coursed through Hardcastle’s minds rippling, bouncing and rebounding. Indeed, indeed, that was the answer to the ultimate poly-psyche; he would split the pineal gland itself.

Miss Anne Thrope made her appearance at the Poly-Psyche Division due to the news; even though she feared that someone would want to shake her hand—the idea of someone else’s paw enveloping her hand as their bodily secretions penetrated her pores was much too much for her.

Dr. Francis N. Stein had taken, very quickly, to Mr. Wolfgang Hardcastle’s insightful identification of the pineal gland’s abilities and his plans to split it.

Geda N. Ken had walked into the examinatorium as if in slow motion. All Wolfgang could do is stare at the center of her forehead wherein lay his goal; her pineal gland. The plan was quite simple; a directed energy device would be used as a scalpel of sorts in order to split the gland in two.

She was positioned and sat very comfortably, very still, almost serenely. Wolfgang had no idea who she was but he knew that she possessed within her the perfect object of his aim; the perfect and perfectly uncontaminated pineal gland.

Asking if she was ready was unnecessary as Geda seemed to invite the energy to enter her. Signaling for Hardcastle to unleash the pulse, Dr. Stein dictated the sequence, “6-6-1-2-3-6-9.”

The pineal gland opened on its own accord, in anticipation, as the directed energy approached it. A ripple was sensed by all Polys—connected, as they were, via frequency. The gland proceeded, then, to split again; into four. It proceeded to split again, and again, then once more. The Polys, the majority of the world’s population, stopped dead in their tacks as all Polys’ glands began to split along with Geda’s.

Again and again it split into filaments, into segments the size of human hairs. More and more, further and further division, split upon split. Fractal splitting. Splitting to the nano level; each split striking a cord of frequency which rang out inaudibly to all Polys.

As all Polys were beyond any human conception of consciousness or perception, Geda N. Ken spoke.

“We are many.”


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