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Short Sale Negotiators-how important is their role?

Short Sales
Short Sales
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In the constantly evolving world of the real estate market, especially lender’s Short Sale policies, a need for a reliable and knowledgeable short sale negotiator has emerged. According to real estate experts, more than half of the record number of foreclosures projected for 2010 and beyond will result in Short Sales.

Nothing could have prepared lenders for the fallout of the current mortgage crisis. For the past few years the nations’ largest servicing companies have been inundated with requests for loan modifications and short sale approvals. Any real estate agent who has attempted to obtain short sale approvals can attest to how frustrating and time consuming this process can be. Dealing with the banks on their level is really a full time job and requires a lot of patience and great follow-up skills.

Recognizing this void in the market prompted “We Process Short Sales” CEO, Larry Izenberg to transition his 20 plus real estate career into a thriving short sale negotiator business. Drawing on his experiences from processing short sales in the 1990s, as a mortgage lender and running an escrow company, Larry has built a great reputation for getting the job done. Many successful real estate agents and investors like Dave Berens, count on him to negotiate their short sale deals. These professionals realize it is more profitable for them to invest their time and energy in securing listings and purchase agreements and let Larry handle the hard tasks of dealing with the banks and processing the tedious paperwork. His timely and persistent business practice has resulted in his firm processing on average 100 short sales per month.

Izenberg makes sure he and his staff stays abreast of the mortgage companies’ ever changing short sale policies, incorporates a streamlined online system and scheduled follow-up methods to assure they get the job done in a timely fashion. Larry understands his company does not get paid until his clients do. Therefore, he leaves no stone un-turned when negotiating with the lenders’ negotiators. Over the past few years, his interaction with these hard to reach lender representatives has caused his name to become recognizable which helps him shorten the negotiation process, meet deadlines and get extensions when needed.

If you are not convinced a skilled and proficient short sale negotiator is necessary, try processing a short sale yourself-like I did. Like me you will find out it is a lot more fun hiring a professional negotiator to do the dirty work. Larry Izenberg is one of a few in this industry who has the proven results. You can learn more about his services by visiting his web site at or send him and email at "We Process Short Sales" is located in the San Fernando Valley. Their telephone number is 818-738-7690.

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