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Short religious news tidbits that causes one to say........'Really?'

There are many indicators that reveal religion is getting to be a sore subject with many.
There are many indicators that reveal religion is getting to be a sore subject with many.
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The climate that demonstrates either religious bias or just plain religious hatred continues to grow prolifically in countries. Below is a collection of short blurbs that is evidence of the chilling eroding of religious tolerance or understanding.

United Nations shows bias again

A Canadian professor William Schabas was chosen to head up the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission investigation into the casualties of the still continuing Israel-Hamas conflict. This is the same man that is well known in

Israel for calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former President Sharon Peres to be tried as war criminals.
It sure is comforting to Israel that the UN found somebody that would demonstrate fairness and impartiality. One can hear the cheers from Hamas.

Navy boots Bibles from base lodging

The United States Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) issued a directive to have Gideon-placed Bibles removed from Navy lodges, a move that is slated to be completed by September 1st.

It is unknown the motive for the change in policy, but a similar action was attempted in 2012 by the Air Force after being prompted by atheist Mikey Weinstein and the Freedom From Religion Foundation pressured the Air Force to remove Bibles from their lodging facilities. The order to remove the Bibles was reversed after a public outcry.

Coach Tony Dungy “worst person”?

One would have to be familiar with Coach Tony Dungy who has won admiration from the sports world for his integrity as a coach, but more importantly as a Christian man. However, that did not help Coach Dungy when he articulated a desire not to have to deal with the distractions of a gay athlete in the locker room.

Suddenly Coach Dungy was the “worst person” for honestly sharing what any coach would not want in a locker room regarding having a distraction. The progressive crowd suddenly became hostile for having the wrong thinking on a sacred cow subject. There is no tolerance or inclusiveness outside having one perspective.

Atheist lawsuits pester two Hawaiian churches

Atheist have been harassing two Oahu churches by falsely claiming the churches defrauded the government by paying agreed upon rental costs for the rental of public schools for their church services.

The government gave the churches the required rental amount for the facilities, the churches agreed to pay it, however the atheists horned in and said the fees were “substandard” for the rent of the public school. That sums up their operating procedure. Everyone else is happy and that is what makes some atheists angry. One really has to try hard to be upset in Hawaii.

No patriotic songs please!

A New York City principal banned singing “Stand Up For the Red, White, and Blue” at their graduation ceremony for pre-kindergarten according to National Review Online earlier this year. The class of four year olds was rehearsing the song in the auditorium and waving mini American flags when the principle of Edna Cohen School Greta Hawkins scolded the teachers,

“You didn’t ask permission to do it”. The flags were also banned, as they were unapproved material.

In 2012 the principle also banned the singing of “God bless America” and reported told teachers that it may offend other cultures. This past September she also eliminated the daily singing of “America the Beautiful”.

Back in 2010 the Department of Education reprimanded Hawkins for making offensive racial remarks during a faculty meeting and sent her to sensitivity training by DOE’s office of equal opportunity.

That’s not the only sensitivity training that is needed!!

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