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Short persons' Olympics

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There truly isn't a need for short persons' Olympics because they do well in Winter Olympic competition.

In these times of global excess, and with people gorging themselves into obese gluttenous people who stretch the limits of the planet to support them, it is refreshing to witness lean and fit athletes competing in the Winter Olympics. Fitness and athleticism are fine examples of discipline and personal development.

In the Winter Olympic sports genre, it isn’t a matter of becoming the largest competitor as much as it is becoming agile and mobile. Therein, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a fine example. It is fitting that he is presiding over the Winter Olympics this year, barring an security breaches.

Putin stands in at 5’7” which puts him eye to eye with François Hollande of France, for instance. Dmitry Medvedev is 5’4”. President Obama is 6’1” as is David Cameron of the UK. In terms of body mass, you can see from The Guardian table here that most world leaders are pretty healthy.

There is a place in the world for short leaders, as the Winter Olympics is a venue for short athletes. Is that true? If it is, the Russians might be in for some gold medals.

Let’s have some help here. Check the list of all of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Athletes.

Short people have a chance, and on ice, maybe an advantage?

As far as world leaders go, Charles de Gaulle was the tallest at 6'5" and Abdelaziz Bouteflika from Algeria at 5'2", the shortest.

“Heights of leaders - past and present
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Height, Cm
Height, Feet and inches (rounded to nearest)
Abdelaziz Bouteflika 159 5'2 Algeria
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner 164 5'4 Argentina
Julia Eileen Gillard 166 5'5 Australia
Stephen Harper 188 6'2 Canada
Fidel Castro 190 6'3 Cuba
Tarja Halonen 172 5'8 Finland
François Hollande 170 5'7 France
Nicolas Sarkozy 165 5'5 France
Napoleon 168 5'6 France
Jacques Chirac 189 6'2 France
François Mitterrand 172 5'7 France
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing 189 6'2 France
Georges Pompidou 181 5'11 France
Charles de Gaulle 196 6'5 France
Angela Merkel 165 5'5 Germany
Gerhard Schröder 174 5'8 Germany
Helmut Kohl 193 6'4 Germany
François Hollande 173 5'8 Germany
Adolf Hitler 173 5'8 Germany
Viktor Orban 174 5'8 Hungary
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 157 5'2 Iran
Saddam Hussein 188 6'2 Iraq
David Ben Gurion 152 5'0 Israel
Silvio Berlusconi 165 5'5 Italy
Benito Mussolini 169 5'6 Italy
Yasuo Fukuda 169 5'6 Japan
Kim Yong Ill 160 5'3 Korea (North)
Muammar Gaddafi 183 6'0 Libya
Benito Juarez 137 4'6 Mexico
Josef Stalin 165 5'5 Russia
Dmitry Medvedev 163 5'4 Russia
Vladimir Putin 170 5'7 Russia
Boris Yeltsin 187 6'1 Russia
Vladimir Lenin 165 5'5 Russia
Tony Blair 183 6'0 UK
David Cameron 185 6'1 UK
Winston Churchill 168 5'6 UK
Gordon Brown 180 5'11 UK
Nick Clegg 185 6'1 UK
Margaret Thatcher 165 5'5 UK
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 193 6'4 UK
Sir Alec Douglas-Home 185 6'1 UK
James Callaghan 185 6'1 UK
Edward Heath 183 6'0 UK
John Major 180 5'11 UK
Queen Elizabeth II 163 5'4 UK
Harold Wilson 173 5'8 UK
George W. Bush 182 5'11 USA
Barack Obama 185 6'1 USA
John F Kennedy 183 6'0 USA
George Washington 187 6'2 USA
Abraham Lincoln 193 6'4 USA
Ronald Reagan 185 6'1 USA
Bill Clinton 184 6'2 USA
George H.W Bush 188 6'2 USA
Gerald Ford 183 6'0 USA
Richard Nixon 182 5'11 USA
Hugo Chávez 173 5'8 Venezuela”



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