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Short Film 'Lights Out' is a must-see for horror fans

Let's have some fun in the dark!

With a run-time of just under three minutes, the short filmLights Out” manages to pack the same punch as many full-length horror flicks. The short was submitted to the Bloody Cuts 2013/2014 short film contest under the prompt “Who's There?” and won best director.

David F. Sandberg directed the film as well as completing the special effects using Blender, an open-source (that means free!) video-editing program. It may be hard to tell, but only one actress stars in the short, Lotta Losten, who happens to be Sandberg's wife.

This film basically deprives the viewer of the set-up stage, delving straight into the rising action and climax. Watch with caution if you are the sort of person who is afraid of the dark, and make sure the kids are out of the room if you don't want them to sleep in your bed for the next few months.

While many fans of the work disagree, Sandberg says he considers the film's final scene to be “a fun release of tension.” Some true horror fans may giggle, but the general consensus is that viewers should have a clean pair of underwear on standby. There is no word on whether or not Sandberg and his wife have been replaced by demon doppelgangers who might consider such activities “fun.”

Be sure to make the video full-screen!

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