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Shops with art and cozy things in Ballston

Renee Henninger, most hospitable
Renee Henninger, most hospitable
James George

Out for a walk this Sunday afternoon, and stopped to look around a quaint old house that is now home to two retailers: “No Place Like Home” is downstairs and “Covet” is upstairs. Renee Henninger is owner of “No Place Like Home” and she made us feel right at home after our long hike by offering homemade cake. I had a slice of lemon and a slice of chocolate, and that hit the spot. The slideshow illustrates the merchandise that you will find here. It is vintage, and includes art, jewelry, pottery, furniture, and a host of accessories, interesting objects and books too. I liked the scale of the place and Renee keeps it stocked with lots of smaller items. If you are looking for a special gift to give to a friend, this is much better than mall and chain store shopping.

'No Place Like Home' for vintage art and a piece of cake
James George

Upstairs, Autumn Clayton boutique offers a different brand of merchandise. While there are some vintage items, there are more stylized and design things upstairs. The custom refurbished chairs are interesting, and there is a small modern gallery with interesting paintings. Take a look around at the slide show of “Covet.” To get there, follow the orange stairway.

These two retailers are innovators and deserve support from the Arlington Art community. Who knows, maybe some artists will discover a new venue for their work too.

Ballston Neighborhood

No Place Like Home, Renee Henninger
5140 A, Wilson Blvd.

Covet, Autumn Clayton
5140 B Wilson Blvd.

Arlington VA 22205