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Shopping with friends after Christmas



Now that Christmas is over, it is a time to exhale and relax.  You can look back on the hectic pace you had leading up to Christmas.  Think of how exhausted you felt while doing our best to make Christmas better for your loved ones.  Think of all the gifts you bought, all the crowded stores you made your way through, trying to find parking spots, and not to mention the traffic.  Before you relax too much, now is the time to take advantage of sales discounts.  Call this the second wave of the Christmas shopping experience.

Only this time, head out with a close friend.  Often times Christmas shopping is done with a significant other.  The significant other might not enjoy shopping as much as you.  In that case you not only have to deal with the stress of Christmas shopping, but the added stress knowing the significant other is not really helping you out much.  Having a close friend with you will make the experience more enjoyable.  Going out with a close friend is always a great way to have fun and allows you to get caught up with each other.

While you and your friend are out, check out some the great deals at Genessee Valley mall on Miller Road.  The stores there have a lot of great deals.  Now is the time to take advantage of these deals.  When you are finished shopping and looking for something to eat and/or drink, check out Logan's and Bar Louie.  Both are located in the mall parking lot.  As you and your friend unwind with a meal and/or a drink, you can finally exhale and relax.  You are now officially done Christmas shopping.