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Shopping Nostalgia

Shopping on the web is easy, convenient, customer friendly but lacks pampering. Watching the popular PBS series “Mr. Selfridge” makes fashionistas of a certain age long for the shopping experience the fictional Selfridge’s offers. Brick and mortar stores have been in financial difficulties for a long time. Offering weekly discounts of 50% to 80% is not the way to attract customers. Shoppers are neither stupid nor math challenged. If a store can offer such large discounts on a regular basis than what is the actual cost of the item? A return to customer service and uniqueness would be more effective. There are a few local stores that understand shopping should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Two of my favorite Mount Pleasant stores are Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant and the newly opened Bits of Lace on Coleman Boulevard. Gwynn’s is between a clothing boutique and a department store. It could be compared to a one-floor mini Bergdorf Goodman’s. Shopping at Gwynn’s is a relaxed, pampered experience. Bits of Lace is a lingerie boutique. Bits of Lace promotes itself as “bra fit specialists”. This is a reality, not an advertising slogan. The sales staff is knowledgeable and adept at making the customer comfortable and helping her find the perfect bra. The store carries bra sizes from 32A to 42F.

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