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Shopping for school supplies

#2 Pencils
#2 Pencils
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In the Cincinnati area, schools start back for the Fall anywhere from August 17 to September 8.  Everyone wants to find the best deals on school supplies.

Walmart and Target can provide one stop shopping, but don't forget to look for deals at other stores like Staples, Toys R Us, Kroger, and Walgreens.  Several of these stores will send emails with their weekly features and advertisements if you sign up for their rewards cards.  Or you can check these websites and blogs for price comparisons and coupons...   yahoocircularcentral   cincinnaticents

Shopping online (don't forget to add the shipping cost when comparing prices) or buying in bulk can also be a good way to save money.  Consider coordinating with friends and saving money by bulk purchasing items together at these websites...

Occasionally, paying a higher price can be a good decision when considering quality.  Backpacks like Swiss Gear products, sold at Target, last for years, even when dragged on the ground.  Arctic Zone lunch coolers are treated on the inside with an antimicrobial protection and typically have a strap with a clasp or swing clip that allows it to be attached to the outside of a backpack.

Also, when you are buying for your kids, consider buying extra items to donate to schools who serve students that live in poverty.  Every year, schools need thousands of items donated to help them help their students.  For more information on programs...  Tools For Schools   Crayons 2 Computers   The Backpack Challenge