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Shopping for garden seeds online


Crocus by Sharon Austin

Shopping for garden seeds online is convenient and gives access to varieties local markets do not have. It is the best place for exotics at great prices. Do not limit purchases to seeds. Many online stores also carry patio and garden decorations plus trees and shrubs.

CollectionsEtc,, carries unusual and fun outdoor décor. Choose from patriotic, whimsical traditional and/or campy themes.
Jackson & Perkins,, offers not only fine Amaryllis but live wreaths, flowering gifts and live trees.

Van Bourgondien,, carries Dutch bulbs. In Los Angeles, treat Tulips, Crocus and other cold climate bulbs as annuals. They will grow for one season only because it does not get cold enough in Southern California for them to re-bloom.

Direct Gardening,, has unbelievable deals on bulbs, trees, seeds and grasses. Take advantage of the “pre-planned garden” packages.

Whatcom Seed, is the best place for exotic plants and seeds. Extraordinary and unusual plants give arid Los Angeles gardens a flair for a reasonable price.

Dave’s Garden Marketplace,, is an online garden community that has a marketplace. Members can either sell or buy.

For the holidays, consider special gifts for gardeners. A packet of bulbs, a live Amaryllis or cashew nut tree seeds are delightful gifts that will give pleasure for years to come.