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Shopping and art together at NorthPark Center

Ad Astra - 48ft tall - 2005 - Mark di Suvero - photo by JS
Ad Astra - 48ft tall - 2005 - Mark di Suvero - photo by JS

Ok, so, how great would it be to be able to go shopping in a premier mall and see art by Andy Warhol and others in the same trip? NorthPark Center is just the place. For those of us who have lived in Dallas for a long time, we are very familiar with NorthPark. It is the mall that has all the stores we love to go shop. NorthPark was the brainchild of Raymond Nasher, who in 1960's leased 65 acres of, what was then the outskirts of Dallas. He built the largest climate controlled mall in the United States. Fast forward 40 years later, NorthPark has thrived and expanded when other malls are struggling or have been razed completely.
I visited Northpark recently. I don't think I saw anyone stop to look at the fabulous art the resides inside the mall. Dallas has a museum in the arts district called the Nasher Sculpture Center. Yes, it is the same man who developed NorthPark in the 60's. I do encourage my readers to visit the Nasher, but instead of a trip to the museum try paying attention the next time you go shopping at NorthPark. There are several quite fabulous art pieces that I think are overlooked because visitors are focused on the stores and not the art. There is even a store in the mall that is a branch of the Nasher Sculpture Center gift shop.
The NorthPark web-site highlights only three of the many pieces of art. There are noted museums that don't display as much art as there is in this shopping center . You really do just have to go see for yourself. The next time you visit NorthPark, look around as you walk from store to store. It is really quite incredible.