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Shoppers' kids hot car rescue may have saved their lives (+Video)

Shoppers who were outside a mall in Texas possibly saved the lives of two children who were locked in a hot car, where they were left by their mother who went to get a haircut at a place nearby. The incident took place at a strip mall in Katy, Texas and it was caught on cell phone video by Gabriel Del Valle, who was near the scene at the time.

In a report posted on their website July 14, Del Valle told Houston television station KHOU...“It was a crazy situation.” He continued, “The kids were in there crying. I mean you would understand. It’s real hot."

Del Valle explained to the news station that he came out of his nearby shop after hearing the kids crying out in desperation. Others nearby the scene also noticed the kids cries for help and they acted quickly. The alert shoppers freed the kids from the Jeep's scorching temperatures by smashing in a car window and releasing the child safety lock.

Witnesses say when the children’s mother arrived on the scene, she said she had only "temporarily" left the kids in the car so she could get a haircut. According to KHOU, the police didn't show up because the mom pleaded with the shoppers not to call authorities.

The kids were unharmed although the temperature inside the Jeep was in the upper 90s and had no ventilation.

The shoppers' kids hot car rescue comes just a few weeks after a Georgia man's toddler son died after being left in a hot car. Prosecutors say Justin Ross Harris messaged six women, sending and receiving explicit texts -- some including nude images -- from work while his 22-month-old was dying. Investigation revealed that the 33-year-old researched how to live a child-free life and how to survive in prison shortly before his son's death. Harris remains in jail on murder and child cruelty charges.

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