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Shoppers free kids: Shoppers break windows, free kids accidentally locked in car

A simulation of a child in a hot car
A simulation of a child in a hot car
Texas Children's Blog

Shoppers worked together to free kids who were locked inside of a hot car in Texas on Monday. According to USA Today, shoppers at a strip mall in Katy, Texas, helped free two children -- a boy and a girl -- trapped inside of a car in the mall's parking lot. Strangers tried to break the windows of the car but were unsuccessful -- until one passerby grabbed a hammer and broke the window straight away.

Gabriel Del Valle grabbed his cell phone and filmed the "rescue":

"It was a crazy situation. The kids were in there crying. I mean you would understand. It's real hot. And even then they could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on."

The shoppers who freed the kids had no idea how long the kids had been in the vehicle but they did whatever they could to get the children out. With so many stories on the internet about people leaving kids in hot cars -- and some kids dying from dehydration and heat exhaustion -- people just can't take any chances. No child should be left unattended in a car -- and no, cracking the windows doesn't make it okay.

However, there's more to this story -- and it has nothing to do with neglect. According to Huffington Post, the mother of the two children did not leave her kids in the car whilst she ran into the mall. She reportedly locked herself out of the car after putting her kids in their car seats. It was the mother, in fact, who asked a stranger to break the car window -- she didn't want her kids stuck in the car in the extreme heat.

The shoppers who helped free the kids were really just helping a mom who accidentally locked herself out of her car on a very hot day. Her priority was her children, because she obviously realized that leaving her kids in a locked, parked car wasn't safe, not even for a couple of minutes.

The original report claimed that the children's mother left her kids in the car while she went to get a haircut. Surveillance footage was later uncovered, however, and it proved that the mother did no such thing. In fact, she had her two children with her in a store just minutes before she locked herself out of her vehicle.

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