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Shoplifting selfie arrest: Boutique owner spots stolen dress in online selfie

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When 27-year-old Danielle Saxton posted a selfie online that showed her decked out in her new colorful leopard-pattern dress, she turned heads. People took notice, but not because she looked so dapper in her new apparel, it was because she was sporting stolen apparel from a small boutique in town.

The Chicago Tribune reports on July 21 that a woman from West Frankfort, Ill had allegedly shoplifted a few items from the boutique, which included the dress she was sporting in that online selfie. The son of the owner of the boutique saw Saxton walking away from the store with the merchandise, according to Gay Williams Morton, who is the owner of the shop.

When Saxton got away with the merchandise on July 11, the owner took to the boutique's Facebook account and posted a description of the dress along with the other stolen items. In such a small town like West Frankfort, Morton was hopeful that someone would see the dress, which was unique and not hard to spot.

MSN News reports that the dress was "distinct" enough for someone to spot or to remember seeing a friend or neighbor wearing it. By the looks of Saxton in the Facebook picture, she was quite pleased with her newest addition to her wardrobe.

It only took two hours for this Facebook "be on the lookout" tactic to work as someone did know just where the dress was located. This unnamed person sent the boutique owner a link to Saxton's Facebook page where she was showing off her hot dress in a selfie. It was apparent she was doing her best to strike a cute pose in her shoplifted leopard-print garb.

Morton said the police knew who the woman was and went to her home. She also said that police were on this case in seconds, wasting no time once having the picture from Facebook as the evidence. They charged her with theft and she was released on bond.

West Frankfort Police Dispatch Supervisor John Hampton said that police also had a warrant for her arrest in another case for failing to appear in court. He also said he didn't know what she was arrested for in that case.

Not only did the boutique theft have a picture of Morton in the dress as evidence from the shoplifter's Facebook page, but the shop's surveillance cameras caught her stealing the merchandise. It looks like she's caught red-handed!