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Shoplifting mother instructs 7-year-old to help her beat up store clerk

Surveillance footage captured the assault
Surveillance footage captured the assault

Children are never too young to learn the family business. This evidently was what a mother in Holly Hill, Fla., has in mind last Wednesday evening when she attempted to defraud the clerk in a dollar store and — when things went bad — to enlist the aid of her 7-year-old daughter in physically attacking the clerk.

Station WKMG in Orlando reports that the woman entered the store accompanied by two girls, approximate ages 1 and 7, presumably her daughters. The clerk told police that after the woman completed her shopping, she took a “sale” sign out of her purse and placed it on a toy, which she attempted to purchase at a discount. When the clerk informed the woman the toy wasn't on sale, she said she no longer wanted it and headed out of the store — with a cart full of unpaid-for merchandise.

The clerk followed her out the door in the hopes of copying down the woman’s license plate number, but the thief told her older daughter to stand in front of the tag.

When the clerk retreated back into the store to phone 911, the customer followed her and began whaling on her. She also ordered the 7-year-old to help her subdue the clerk, screaming, “Get her!”

Read the rest of the story and watch surveillance video of the incident here.

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