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Shoplifting cop: State Trooper on Christie's detail swipes gun-related items

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A shoplifting cop asked for consideration when he got caught because he works on Governor Christie's detail, but that didn't help him a bit. The New Jersey state trooper said that he'd lose his job on Christie's detail if he were caught. That didn't change the minds of the people running the store, after this guy pocketed $267.38 worth of merchandise, according to ABC Local on Feb. 3.

New Jersey State Trooper William Carvounis, 35, was shopping at Cabela's Sporting Goods Store when he pocketed some merchandise in his cargo pants. He swiped handgun grips, a pistol magazine and a hat. He put a binocular strap in a box that was marked $19.99. The criminal complaint was filed by Tilden Township Officer Dennis Schwoyer.

Carvounis of North Brunswick N.J. asked the store employee to please not call the police and press charges because he would lose his job on Christie's detail if this incident was made public. One thing for sure, Governor Christie doesn't mince his words and chances are this cop is correct because Christie wouldn't stand for anyone on his detail to be stealing from the stores that they are paid to protect.

The trooper's attorney denies that his client asked for any special treatment because he worked on the Governor's detail. He said that the police report does not mention anything that indicates that's what his client did. He has been suspended from the state police and those papers don't mention Carvounis asking for any kind of consideration for his job.

The trooper is free on bond and facing charges of two counts of retail theft, one a misdemeanor and another that carries the same weight as a parking ticket.