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Shoplifting cop: $267 in stolen goods, cop cites Gov. Christie to avoid charges

A gavel as would be used in a courtroom case
A gavel as would be used in a courtroom case
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A shoplifting cop has been arrested recently, having attempted to thieve a total of $267 in stolen goods. However, the report notes that the dirty police officer tried to avoid the shoplifting charges by citing his boss, Gov. Chris Christie, to no avail. The Inquisitr reports this Monday, Feb. 3, 2014, that this recent incident has only brought more troubles onto an already beleaguered Chris Christie this week, who is currently fighting against allegations of wrongfully intimidating his political opponents.

The shoplifting cop was originally said to have been caught stealing and taken into police custody back on Jan. 8, but news of this strange incident has only made its way to public news headlines this first week of Feb. After the police officer was caught red-handed trying to steal a number of goods that amounted to over $267 in total, he allegedly tried getting out of the crime by invoking his political boss’ name — none other than governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

The identity of this illicit police officer has been made known as New Jersey State Trooper William Carvounis. Although Carvounis getting caught shoplifting may not straightforwardly reflect on Gov. Christie’s character, it certainly doesn’t put him into a better light this week, continues the report. The cop was a high-ranking member of Christie’s law enforcement security detail (not unlike that of a bodyguard).

According to the police report, the shoplifting cop was caught during a visit at a sporting goods store out in the town of Tilden, Pennsylvania. Carvounis was said to be ambling through several open aisles of a store that offers buyers a number of high-quality goods that range from camping equipment to gun gear. Carvounis was said to be slipping a number of items into his pockets and coat, including handgun grips, a magazine for ammunition, as well as other small items.

“The off-duty police officer also put a hat on his head and wore it as if it were his own, and switched a $29.99 binocular strap into a box for another item marked $19.99. He allegedly paid for some items at the checkout, but did not offer to pay for the items in his pockets or the hat on his head.”

Once he was caught and taken into custody, Tilden officers said that this shoplifter had garnered a number of unpaid for goods that amounted to over $267.

When he was eventually confronted by a law enforcement officer, Carvounis allegedly muttered, “Do you know who my boss is?” in an attempt to avoid getting charged.

That boss, of course, is Chris Christie.

“It was, more or less, ‘Look, I’ve got a good job, I’m on the governor’s security detail, I don’t want to lose my job,’ along those lines,” Tilden Police Chief William McEllroy told a media source.

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