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Shoplifter's broken ankle scores him $500k payday from city

A shoplifter's broken ankle scored him a big jury award
A shoplifter's broken ankle scored him a big jury award
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A shoplifter's broken ankle has garnered him a jury award of $510,000. Kevin Jarman sued the city after the incident that left him injured, and it seems the Brooklyn jury felt he deserved a sizable payday. The New York Post shared the details on Thursday.

In May 2011 Jarman was arrested at a Pathmark in Queens for shoplifting. He claimed that the officer, Sgt. Samuel Morales, was intimiated by his size and turned nasty after he put Jarman in handcuffs. The shoplifter claims that when he told the officer to loosen the handcuffs, Morales yanked on them and Jarman tumbled over, breaking his ankle.

Jarman goes on to claim that he couldn't steady himself because the officer had his foot in a position that held Jarman's foot in place and the suit said that “Sergeant Morales, in effect, tripped Plaintiff.” The suit went on to allege that Morales and another officer, Alex Safran, laughed over the shoplifter's broken ankle and said they might put it on YouTube.

Kevin Jarman spent nine days in the hospital. Jarman, an unemployed chef, did plead guity to the shoplifting charge that initiated the incident. Interestingly this isn't the first time Jarman has sued the city. CBS News shares that in 2005 he sued the NYPD after a drug sale charge against him was dropped. He scored a settlement of $15,000 in that case. Just last month, Jarman sued for false arrest again in another case related to drugs. He got $20,000 in a settlement in that case.

The jury took only a few hours to come to the $510,000 award verdict. The city plans to fight the verdict. It is looking a bit like Kevin Jarman is making quite the career for himself out of putting himself into sticky situations and then suing the city over them. Will the shoplifter's broken ankle jury award stand up as the city appeals it? Many will be curious to find out.