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Shoplifter's broken ankle nets $500k: Who said crime doesn't pay?

Shoplifter's broken ankle nets him half a million dollars, whats up with that?
Shoplifter's broken ankle nets him half a million dollars, whats up with that?
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A man arrested for shoplifting was awarded more than $500,000 by a Brooklyn jury for a broken ankle, an injury he received while getting arrested for shoplifting. Kevin Jarman, a 50-year-old man who was caught shoplifting at a Queen's Pathmark Supermarket, sued NYC for that broken ankle injury and won, according to ABC News on July 17.

Jarman's lawyer, Anthony Ofodile said that this case just shows that a "regular person who has had his right's violated can still go to court and do something." In this case that's half a million dollars worth of something! It is not as if Jarman just found this out because it looks as though he has done fairly well in the past suing NYC and walking away with sizable settlements.

According to CBC News, Jarman was arrested on drug charges back in 2005, but when the charges were dropped he sued the city for false arrest and walked away with $15,000, in a settlement the city paid. Another false arrest for yet more drug charges netted Jarman a settlement from the city for $20,000 last month.

This $510,000 that the jury awarded Jarman is not something the city is just going to pay without exercising their legal rights of challenging this verdict. This is a half a million dollar payout for a man who was in the process of a crime when the injury occurred. Jarman has done well monetary wise by suing the city and walking away with settlements in the past. It doesn't look as if it will be that easy this time around as the city intends to challenge Wednesday's verdict.

What is happening with Jarman? Is he one guy who has had his fair share of his rights getting violated? These settlements come on the heels of an arrest and when the charges get dropped for one reason or another, this paves the way for a lawsuit.

The New York Post reports that a law enforcement source called this "just nuts." He also said:

“Some of these verdicts are just nuts. There’s no rhyme or reason to the figure they come up with. These guys are getting huge paydays, and for what? A broken ankle? Half a million? To a shoplifter? It’s getting out of control.”

The documents for Jarmin's broken ankle lawsuit explained how this injury on this unemployed chef allegedly happened. Jarman claimed that NYPD's Sgt.Samuel Morales, who is only 5-foot-5 in stature, approached Jarman inside Pathmark after a store clerk reported the shoplifting theft. Jarman believed that the cop was intimidated by his 6-foot-2 frame and appeared to be afraid of Jarman, but once getting the handcuffs on things changed.

Morales quickly turned nasty once Jarman was safely shackled, claimed Jarman in the lawsuit. The lawsuit basically said that this is when Morales started to demonstrate his power over the shoplifter and when Jarman asked to have his handcuffs loosened, the cop yanked on them instead and this caused Jarman to tumble over, causing him this injury.

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