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ShopAtHome - cash back shopping and more.


  Cash Back for shopping! Photo Credit: ZF Photo

Online shopping, coupons, free samples and more are all available on ShopAtHome. Stores like Old Navy, Kmart, Target, Shutterfly and more have cash back available. Some are even more than Mr. Rebates! See how it works.

ShopAtHome is a bit different than Mr. Rebates and Ebates, since it also allows a user to personalize their
myshopathome" page. A profile image can be placed on the page, along with a bio and all of the account information can easily be viewed right on the home page. This includes how much cash back has been earned, recent purchases, "tell-a-friend" history and stores that have been visited through the site.  Also on the personalized home page are wish lists, favorite stores and store reviews that can be written by the user!

The balance in the "my Cash Back" must hit $20.00 for a check to sent out, but with the huge percentages available through stores like Old Navy offering 10% cash back and Kodak Gallery offering 13% cash back - it won't take long to make that $20.00!

Plus, it has a great Tell-A-Friend bonus: For every friend referred who signs up and makes a purchase through the site, users earn $5.00! Not bad for just sharing the good fortune!

Another great feature for this site, which is similar to Retail Me Not, the coupon success rate is monitored. For every coupon code they provide for the store a user wishes to shop at, there are the stats for how well the coupon code worked. It also shows how many other "customers" have chosen a store as their favorite, it allows users to write reviews and show the reviews of others.

As if that is not enough, users who have coupons they want to share with everyone, can post it on the site themselves.

ShopAtHome is a well-rounded site, offering multiple tools to help users shop and earn. But that is not all it has! Looking for free samples? They have a listing of them. Not interested in hunting for coupons every time shopping has to be done? Download their free coupon toolbar!

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