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Shop your style: Bombshell and Professional

Fall 2010 Ready to Wear
Fall 2010 Ready to Wear
Dolce and Gabbana

Having a bombshell style and a professional style are two very different things.  Obviously, while one is all about sex appeal, the other is about professional work attire.  Can you be both?  Of course you can!  If for instance, you work in a corporate environment  during the week, but like to add some sex appeal on the weekends, you are both.  There are many ways to achieve both of these looks, and when appropriate, both of these looks are very versatile.

The bombshell is all about a mix of modern pieces with classic looking pieces to achieve a sexy and sophisticated look.  When you are dressing like a bombshell, you may think of Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, with a modern take on their style.  It's all about tasteful sex appeal.  For instance, showing shoulders and just a hint of cleavage, or a accentuating a tiny waist.  These are the ways you can have bombshell sex appeal.  Feminine dresses, peep toe pumps, corset tops, lace, and ruffles, are all sexy and feminine.  The bombshell look is all about having fun and looking sexy, feminine and tasteful.  It's a bold look, so it's only for confident women.

The professional look is what you would wear to work during the week in an office .environment.  It can be anything from pants and cardigans to a full skirt suit.  The great thing about this look is once you buy your basics, you can mix and match for many different possibilities.  This look is all about a level of consistency but also adding in great accessories so it doesn't get boring.  The professional look can be dressed up for meetings and dressed down for running errands or going out after work.  Almost every professional woman will need to find pieces from the professional look at least one time.

Below, is a slideshow with some examples of bombshell and professional clothing pieces.   Have fun shopping everyone!